Monday, 17 November 2014

Over a month!


Yes I have just realized that it is over a month since I last posted!

And those few weeks have gone by in a whoosh!
  • new job
  • making a start on sort out our house a bit
  • visiting 2 sons in Sheffield (yes, still find it hard to believe that both sons are now studying at university in Sheffield)
  • a half term train trip to Sweden and Denmark (for me and husband) 
  • and a school trip to Morocco for daughter which was a bit of "school trip from hell" with two thirds of the pupils suffering a sickness bug!!
 But anyway, I have managed to squeeze in a bit of reading and a bit of crafting in the last few weeks - especially this weekend when I was particularly lazy and spent several hours crafting. 

Firstly, I have at last finished the notebook cozy for my daughter - I posted about the notebook cozy I knitted for me to use here - I love it while at the same time thinking it is a crazy idea!

And I'm still loving that yarn - so no surprise that I've now added a few more balls to my collection!

I also love making Christmas decorations. I have made quite a few over the years but I give them away either as gifts or to our scout group for them to sell on their craft stall. I have kept a few for myself but realized I had several in various stages of construction so last weekend I finished the half-completed decorations and now have a reasonable selection of stockings, Christmas puddings, mittens and hearts!

And this is the very satisfying view I could see round my feet - ribbons, felt, cottons,
 cross stitch charts, buttons, evenweave fabric -  all waiting for me to be creative
 with them - the possibilities are endless!!

Right, off to catch up on some blogs!

Hope you are all and happy crafting!