Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Yarn along!


Joining in with Ginny's yarn along this week. 

So I'm reading 'The Nazis: A Warning From History'. I wonder how many of you remember 
this as a BBC TV series back in the late 1990s. I have read this before but as part of my 
mission to de-clutter I decided this was one book I would read once again and then pass
on. I am making slow progress though as I get distracted by facts and find myself
continually stopping to look up lots of extra details on Wikipedia. Still, it is quite nice
to be distracted in such a way. 

In the introduction there is a quote from Karl Jaspers, a German-born philosopher
"That which has happened is a warning. To forget it is guilt. It must be continually 
remembered. It was possible for this to happen, and it remains possible for it to happen 
again at any minute. Only in knowledge can it be prevented."

I'd like to think that was true but sadly I am not wholly convinced. 

As for these socks, oh boy they are taking me an age to knit. I've been suffering with that 
awful cold/cough bug that is going round and I haven't even had the energy to knit. 
Instead I have sat and read.... not a bad substitute.

Happy reading/knitting!


  1. Love the socks, such vibrant colours going through the yarn. Certainly looks to be a interesting book.

  2. Oh the socks are gorgeous. Sorry you've been under the weather, I hope you're all better very soon. You're right, reading is just the thing. CJ xx

  3. I love those socks!!!
    Yes,I do remember the series on tv..and thought provoking quote for sure.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. I love the rich colours of the socks. I'd be very happy to have a drawer full of such jewel like colours.
    Lisa x

  5. Food for Thought (especially living in the US during a crazy electoral campaign!) there I said it!
    Your socks are beautiful.
    To answer your question, slow cookers are the best!
    I am not a "gadget cook" but that and the kitchenAid and what out Jamie Oliver!

  6. That sounds like an interesting book, very informative, but I'd probably find reading about the Nazi's scary, chilling and depressing. The socks are gorgeous. Hope you're feeling much better and can get back to your knitting soon. X

  7. Love the socks!
    Interesting quote from the book, I fear that we will never learn from the past as we are making the same mistakes over and over :(

  8. Sadly it seems that human nature does not learn from the past. I try to keep my little corner of the world blooming and beautiful, and spread the love. Not sure what else we can do. Love the yarn, happy knitting! X


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