Sunday, 26 April 2015

Small solutions


I do have a "bit of a thing" about sock knitting - I think it is because much of it involves 
mindless knitting in rounds, and so even when I don't feel like tackling anything complicated
 that requires brain power and yet I still have an urge to have busy hands, I can knit socks. 

And the bonus is you get a very wearable and useful product at the end! 
And, there are some fantastic sock yarns to buy.

The other great thing about socks is that they are a very portable project, fitting into 
a small make-up bag size container.

So last Tuesday found me on a 2-hour train journey north to Leeds for a meeting, and my current sock project came with me. 

I did a bit of work ((honestly!)) on the train, then decided to get my knitting out - 
and here it is on my lap.

I was merrily knitting in rounds of 4 needles as usual when I met one problem - the
wool was almost broken in a couple of places, but I couldn't figure out why.

I persevered, just rejoining a new end of yarn as required when suddenly
................ disaster struck!

 I dropped my fifth needle down the side of my chair and couldn't see it, yet alone
retrieve it. "Oh no" I very politely thought! 

So there was no more knitting for me on either my outbound or return journey. 

So, of course, a new set of 5 x double point needles was required as I knit socks on 4 needles 
using a 5th needle to knit with. 

I ordered a new set on the Tuesday evening and of course was full 
of excitement when on Friday a package arrived for me. Here is a sneaky preview!

A strong smell of peppermint emanated from the packet and when I opened it I realised
 why.... stuck to the order confirmation was a peppermint teabag along with my 
new 5 x dpn needles, my new 20cm circular needle... and yes, some gorgeous sock
 wool that I was unable to resist buying! 

The sock yarn is gorgeous, such a deep red, this photo does not do the colour justice. 

Now I have been knitting with circular needles much more frequently over the last few months, 
in fact I use circular needles more often than straight ones now as they are so much easier 
to transport,  and I decided that I would give sock knitting on a circular needle a try -
 the needle I ordered is only 20cm long!! That's pretty tiny!

And here it is!
But, alas, I think a moth may have been at my wool .... I found many places where the 
wool was almost broken through. 

In the end I unravelled a long length of wool until I could no longer see any thin 
strands, and started knitting anew. 

And as for my tiny needle - I love it - it makes so much sense to knit socks, 
comprising a circular tube, on a circular needle, and given that the needle is so small it 
makes the project even more portable and most importantly.... I can't lose that elusive 
5th needle!

So, alls well that ends well... and, losing that 5th needle turned out to be a blessing in 
disguise etc. etc., without the loss of that needle on the train I would not now be 
knitting socks on a circular needle. 

And the knitting is so much neater with no joins between the 4 needles. 

So "Yay!" and "Hurrah!"to solutions that come in small sizes,
a tiny 20cm circular needle!

Do you knit on circular needles or do you prefer straight ones?

Have a good week!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Weekend pleasures


We all know this but sometimes it's good to remind ourselves....

'the simple things in life can give so much pleasure'

a line, full of washing in the sun... 

(oops, I might have to search a little deeper for the pleasure to be 
found in the resulting chaotic pile of ironing)

home baking: toss in cake

 home baking: quiche

 home baking: cheese straws

home baking = good things for the family to eat

   colour on the kitchen table...

  daughter's skateboard, residing in the kitchen.... 

Have a good week!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Some swoon...

Some swoon at a beautiful new handbag.............

 Some swoon at a shiny pair of shoes......... 

 Some swoon at an immaculately clean house............ 

Some swoon at a gleaming new car..........

Some swoon at their growing collection of their favourite yarn ............

Oh yes, a visit to John Lewis and somehow three more balls 
of this gorgeous yarn ended up in a shopping bag in my 
hand ....... how do these things happen?
Three new shades to me!!!

P.S. I have been known to swoon to all of the above!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!