Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Whoosh...this is the summer going!


Have you noticed? Or is just me that feels the summer, as always, is flying past! 

My job is a '52-weeks-a year' job so I do have to work over the summer, although I try to 
save as much of my annual leave entitlement as I can for the summer. I find myself trying to squeeze in days out and away with family and friends around work commitments. 

I do love the summer, I relish the opportunities to sit outside to eat meals  - eating 
breakfast outside feels so decadent, especially at 6am before I go to work, why is that?
I have to make the most of the longer (and hopefully warmer) days and spend as much
time as I can out of doors.

I am having fun knitting Rachel Coopey's Hartwith hat using Baa Ram Ewe's 
Titus yarn in Goathland. This is 4 ply yarn so for me it will take a while to complete this
 knit but there is something very soothing about knitting this cabled pattern.

 I have almost completed Susan Howatch's 'The High Flyer'. This is the second in a trilogy 
but silly me read book three first so I have in effect nearly finished the trilogy. It has been 
an interesting read although I have found the end of book 2 a bit laborious and tedious. 
This trilogy is being passed to a friend when read so that will be 3 more books off my 
shelf - YAY!

.I am joining in with Ginny's yarn along - please have a look at her great blog. 

Happy summer holidays to you all