Thursday, 1 May 2014

Fresh air


Having said in my last post that we had hardly ventured out during the Easter holidays, later that day four of us made the short journey to a country park - with the promise of a trip to the cafe afterwards. Sadly, but understandably, younger son wanted to stay at home and do more revision. (I think he also quite likes to have the house to himself for a while - well, don't we all?)

So here are a few photos of our leisurely but very pleasurable walk. Above is a statue of King Lear, I always think it looks rather out of place here, despite the lake being called King Lear's Lake.


A rare, quiet moment for my daughter - usually she is challenging us to run to the next bench, the next tree..... did I say this was a leisurely walk?? 

Someone was going the same way as us ... until some cyclists frightened him away!

 A gorgeous coot on her nest

We spent several minutes watching this heron catch fish. 

It stood stock still, waiting for fish.

Until suddenly it dived it's head in ... and success!

It was funny watching the heron swallow the fish, you could almost see it wriggling its way down the heron's gullet.

Part of the waterway here is the Grand Union Canal.  I quite fancy having a week's holiday on a barge, I always imagine that it must be very relaxing, just cruising along a canal at a slow speed, through beautiful, unspoilt green countryside and hearing the gentle lap of water as you fall asleep.

I'm not sure why people are so against wind turbines. To me they represent green energy and appear as sleek and modern sculptures - years ago did people adopt the same antagonistic views to windmills? Personally, wind turbines are almost the modern version of a windmill (although of course serving different purposes), but I appreciate that is just my opinion. 

By the time we got back to the car and had driven to the local garden centre the cafe had closed. 

I apologized for not being able to fulfill my promise of a cup of tea but no-one was bothered. We had enjoyed a pleasant while in each others' company and visited new places. 

Don't you love it when a short walk bring suchs pleasure? And have you ever had a holiday on a barge? I would love to hear what you thought of it.
Best wishes


  1. What a lovely walk, and some really good photos. How nice to see the coot on her nest, I do love this time of year.

    1. It's just lovely to get out in the fresh air isn't it?

  2. Your kids are so good with doing their revisions. I'm sure all their hard work will pay off and they'll all get top grades... I've enjoyed all the photos from your lovely walk, especially those of the heron catching fish. I haven't been on holiday on a barge either, but would love to someday when the girls are older. Have a nice weekend! x

    1. Ha, they haven't always been so good revising. They learnt the hard way that you need to revise if you want good grades! Hope you have a good weekend too. xx


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