Friday, 10 October 2014

Double love

I'm in trouble! I am suffering from a case of "double love" just now.
Firstly, I came across this great yarn from Rowan, Felted tweed dk. I think I'm a bit late in discovering this wool as I think it has been a round for a while.
The tweed effect is gentle and mutes the colours somewhat but Rowan offer a reasonable range of colours. The yarn just has such a lovely, light feel to it. I could really imagine wearing a cardigan knitted in this yarn. 
I chose Seasalter and Rage for my project.
 Oo, look at them nestled in the bottom of my shopping bag.

I bought these for a particular project I had planned.
For my second love, I came across this picture on the internet of knitted book covers

And I instantly fell in love with them and with the idea of knitting covers for my notebooks.  
Knit Inspiration: Unknown. I am in love with these covers. I would have had these for middle school, high school, and college! …but I would have been that kid…oh well…I was that kid even without the awesome knitted book covers!
Don't these look great!
 So I soon had my needles out and, after about 3 false starts trying to gauge exactly how many stitches I needed to cast on for a perfect fit, I was away.   

 I decided to knit a very simple fair isle pattern, just to add a bit of interest.

And fairly soon.....

I had a snuggly warm notebook tucked up inside its very own cozy!! 

And I love it!! And so does daughter so I shall be knitting more of these.
You see, we have a slight, but very well controlled, obsession with stationery, so I have
 notebooks of various shapes and sizes to keep cozy this winter.
I admit that I think knitting cozies for books is a bit bizarre but for some reason
 I just love the idea!
And my mind is buzzing with further project ideas for this yarn.
What is your favourite yarn of the moment?


  1. Oh how cool!!! Loving the yarn; but do you ever feel like the yarn looks so perfect you don't want to use it?! I get like that! Loved seeing the progress of if your cozy! Thanks for sharing x

  2. That yarn looks so soft and beautiful and the book cover turned out perfect.
    Well done,

  3. I've never seen knitted cozies for notebooks before. It is a bit bonkers I think but they do look lovely and they'll keep your notebooks nice and safe. At the moment I'm loving Drops Extra Fine merino wool. It's so soft and easy to work with.
    Hope you're having a great weekend. x

  4. I love it. I have a notebook obsession too. I'm not sure if could be classed as very well controlled, I do have quite a few of them around. I think I love the promise of all of those blank pages. Your cosy is the perfect finishing touch. CJ xx

  5. These are so pretty Caz - you clever thing ! I love the wool too, Kate x

  6. Gorgeous yarn and I love the knitted notebook cover, so pretty.
    Marianne x

  7. Love your knitted notebook cover. I understand entirely as I have a bit of an obsession about stationery as well. I have crocheted notebook covers and they turned out really well - using cotton. My favourite yarn that I'm using at the minute is some alpaca I got when on holiday. I'm making myself a hat. It is extremely soft and squishy!

  8. They are so cool! Love the pattern you have done.

  9. Pretty yarn! I love the book covers! Such a fun and clever idea!


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