Sunday, 7 December 2014

My 3 year table runner!

Hello again,

Yes, I was pretty happy yesterday because I finished a Christmas table runner that I 
started 3 years ago! I'm so happy to finish an uncompleted project.

This was a pretty simple runner - I bought a selection of Christmassy fabrics off the market at a very reasonable price and literally cut rectangular/square shapes from the fabric and sewed together in a very rough and ready patchwork fashion. 

My aim was then to quilt it but that went disastrously wrong and I ended up unpicking all the quilting stitches and I finally decided on just using an old flannelette sheet as wadding to give it a bit of body and folded the plain green backing fabric over to the top side to act as an edging. 

Please don't look too closely as the edges are not straight!  

It's quite long! 

It's far from perfect but it will brighten up our table and it is FINISHED - YAY!

I also finished four cross stitched Christmas cards - two of which are now winging their way to far corners of the globe! The other two are staying nearer to home.

And my final completed project for now was this little cross stitch kit purchased from Hobbycraft, I think last year, which I made up into a little hanging ornament with a few added embellishments. 


 I enjoyed making this so think I may make a detour home from work one evening this week and call in at Hobbycraft to see if they have any other little kits of interest. 

 I am enjoying all the project ideas I see bloggers sharing on line - it gives me so much inspiration.
 I hope your Christmas project making is going well - have a good week


  1. Way to go on finishing the table runner! *pat on the back* Its great and dont worry to much about the small things that you see wrong with it. I only see a very festive holiday runner :) Lovely cards and ornaments.

    Have a great holiday month of creating.
    Birgitta xx

  2. Love the table runner! It's beautiful and will be perfect on your dinner table at Christmas.
    Marianne x

  3. Your table runner is lovely! I like what you did with the green edging - very clever. I also like your cross stitched cards and tree decoration. I think I'd be a little bit tempted to keep those cards for myself. They're too lovely to give away! x

  4. I think the table runner is perfect as are all of your amazing cards.

  5. Well done on finally finishing that project! I bet it felt good, and it will really brighten up any Christmas table. x

  6. I love the table runner. Unpicking is so frustrating isn't it, but you've made a really good job of it now. And the cross stitch cards are fantastic, they must have taken ages, I'm sure they'll be treasured. CJ xx


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