Wednesday, 13 January 2016

'A Man Called Ove' nearly over, and Osen continues...

Once again, joining in with Ginny's yarnalong

  • Book progress: 'A man called Ove' nearly finished. I have enjoyed this more than I anticipated and it hasn't at all matched my preconceptions of it. It has even brought me to the edge of tears in a couple of places, the moments when Sonja puts her finger in Ove's palm. Why do I get so upset about that??
  • Osen Christmas stocking: this is progressing quite well, helped by a long drive south last Sunday for daughter's football match. The slowest part for me is now knitted - just rows of stocking stitch mainly to come, with a bit of interest to be found with the after-thought heel.
  • and why the use of bullet points and subheadings in this week's yarnalong post? Because I feel this is one piece of advice that I give over and over again at work as part of my role. "It's helpful to use bullet points, subheadings and white spaces to make it easier for the reviewer to read your sections". Yep, I've got the white spaces too. Clearly bringing my work home with me. Mmmm, maybe I need to get out more!
How is your knitting progressing? Are you enjoying your current read?

Hope you have a good week - daughter and I are crossing our fingers for some snow, even a bit of sleet would be very exciting, but I think we may be looking to the skies in vain.

Best wishes


  1. I read that book too and I loved it- The characters are so great in their difference and I just came to love Ove. Very nice knitting- looks like a super soft yarn and I like the colours.

  2. Love the stocking, stunning pattern. I am afraid there is not a lot of reading getting done here at the moment, life just seems to be taking over.

  3. - glad you are enjoying your book more than you thought
    - knitting looks great, very impressed
    - nothing wrong with a good bullet point, just can't do them in the comments so I have dashes instead!
    - hope you have a good day! xx

    1. Love it Amy, that made me laugh. Have a good day too! xx

  4. The stocking looks great! It's such a lovely colour. Also glad that the country seems to have remembered what winter is! x

  5. Awesome progress on the stocking, it looks great! :)

  6. Sorry thought I left a comment the other day - shockingly lax that I am! Your stocking is looking good, the green is a lovely shade xx

  7. I am sure you are finished with that great book by now. I listened to it in my car and was crying so hard by the end I almost had to pull over.

  8. Your project is a beautiful colour!
    I look forward to seeing it completed :)

  9. The stocking looks good, I do hope you weren't knitting whilst driving, Caz!! Under the influence of yarn. Or would it be knitting without due care and attention? xx

  10. I think the stocking is going to be so lovely. I wish I could knit properly when I see patterns like that! x

  11. I love the colours in your stocking, and the pattern too. Looks very complicated! Good advice about bullet points and white space, makes the text easier on the eye. X


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