Monday, 15 February 2016

Sock knitting and sock supplies!


Today I'm coming clean about my love of sock knitting!
I know there is a whole community out there of keen sock knitters, and I am proud to be one of them. As many have said before, and in fact as I have also said here and here, socks are a great knitting project for taking with you when space may be at a premium. 
So train rides, weekend breaks, or even day trips all offer me the chance to get a 
few rows done. 

This is the first pair I knitted - smartly commandeered by daughter and as you can see, well used. 

I started off with some Regia 4 ply yarn and followed the pattern supplied with the yarn.

More Regia yarn followed. As you can probably guess, I like this yarn. It is hard-wearing but also comes in a great range of colours and patterns such as this latest one by 
Arne and Carlos. 

Other designers for Regia sock yarn include Erika Knight and Kaffe Fassett

So besides a healthy stash of sock yarn (all will soon be revealed!) I have also accumulated a few sets of DPNs (double pointed needles), small circular needles 
(which I absolutely love!) and er, one or 2 books.  

Well, actually 4 books in total which I feel is pretty restrained. 
But I do find all the lovely sock yarns hard to resist.  

Such gorgeous self-striping, self-patterning yarns. 
But also for a diversion I have some charming plain yarn waited to be knitted up too!

And some gorgeous yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners that I received as a 
Christmas present. This was sold as a Christmas special and the yarns are called 
Holly Berry and Cherry Drop. I am aiming to get two pairs of sock from these balls, 
using for each pair one ball as the main colour and using the second ball as a 
contrast for the cuffs, heels, and toes.  

And finally some old balls of Regia that I bought several years ago when it was 
on  offer - this yarn is at last on my needles and I'm trying a different pattern this 
time, one with an after-thought heel as I used this method on my Osen Christmas
 stocking and found it very easy to do.
 (This photo really doesn't capture the true colour of the yarn at all).  

And here is my sock yarn stash in all it's glory 
(well at least as it was yesterday).

So quite a few "pairs of socks" worth of yarn there, but alas, there are just
so many tempting sock yarns. I posted recently about how I was desperately 
resisting the urge to purchase more but as many of you guessed 
correctly, I eventually caved in to temptation. 
Let me introduce you to Delphinium (left) and Frost (right). 
Definitely a 'blue' theme going on here don't you think?

And finally, this pair of socks have just come off my needles and need to be finished. 
Clearly these have been on my needle a while as I was knitting them on this day trip to Matlock in May 2015! 

Well, with all that sock yarn in the house I'd better get knitting. 
And if you are on Ravelry please pop in and see me - I'm Caz3, and here is the link to see more of my projects. 

Are you a sock knitter? Do you have a favourite pattern? Do you knit cuff-down or toe-up?
So many choices....

Wishing you an enjoyable half term!


  1. Wow! I am so impressed by all your lovely socks! They look great. My mum is a great sock knitter, and I really want to do it too. I have started several socks, but have never completed a pair. I even managed to turn a heel once, but I don't quite have the staying power to stick with it to completion. I really must make an effort. I love hand knitted socks X

  2. Your socks are amazing. I love them, great yarn choices. I made several pairs a few years ago, but in Florida I just don't wear them much so I gave all my sock knitting books away, not sure that was smart because looking at yours makes me want to make more.

  3. Gorgeous socks, and lots of lovely yarn as well, I shall look forward to seeing more socks appearing. I do love handknitted socks, but I've never made any, I fear they are a bit too tricky for me. Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

  4. Fabulous socks!!!! I look forward to seeing more! xx

  5. I feel awe (and a bit of yarn envy). I've tried a pair of socks once and promised myself never ever again.

  6. There are all so beautiful!
    My Mom is into a "socks phase" ;)
    they look like so much work...I wonder what it must be like to make one and then have to start over with the other!

  7. What a gorgeous stash of sock yarns you've got there. They'll make lovely pairs of hand knitted socks, the ones you've made already are fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more beautifully made socks soon! X

  8. Oh wow! They are all beautiful, your knitting is so neat and the colours are beautiful. Your stash looks like there is more loveliness to come. Have a great weekend xx

  9. I am very much in awe!! I WISH I could knit socks :) They are so beautiful and look so cosy too, looking forward to seeing the next ones! xx

  10. Such beautiful socks, and yarn too. That plain yarn will be great for some patterned socks. I'm a sock knitter too but I've always used dpns and worked cuff down, I'd like to have a go with a small circular needle and try toe up, it would be a change if nothing else.

  11. Nice socks! I love the colours of the last pair!

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