Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Yarn along... stripy socks and Atonement


Here I am joining in with Ginny's Wednesday yarn along

I recently finished a pair of socks for me 
(I hope this link to the photo on my instagram account works!) 
Younger son seemed particularly taken with them and asked for a pair of very bright 
hand knitted socks. And of course if someone actually asks us to knit something for them, 
we get very excited, and so I rushed off to scour the internet for suitable wool and came
up with the above. Yes, son approved, wool was ordered, arrived 2 days later
and off we went, socks cast on - weeeee........ 

But I am having to knit a larger size than normal and making a few other adjustments. 
I tried them on his feet yesterday and he was wiggling and giggling like
 a toddler - he's nearly 20!! But I am enjoying knitting these - those bright colours
 can hardly fail to lift the spirits can they?

As for my book, well I have read a couple of Ian McEwan's books and really
 enjoyed them. We are reading his 'Atonement' for our book club. Sadly, I haven't read 
far into the book yet as my mind has been distracted by family events, you know those
 sort of 'children-related' events that occur every so often and that stress the heck out of
 you. Anyway, given time, as with all of life's little ups and downs I'm sure our 
present bumps will soon be smoothed...

I hope you are enjoying your current read!


  1. Fabulous socks. Stripy yarn is a brilliant thing isn't it. I hope you manage to get into your book soon and that the stressful things settle down and pass. CJ xx

  2. Fantastic socks.I smiled at your description of your 20 year is lovely when our adult children show their chilhood traits.
    Hope you get to read your book soon,I enjoyed Atonement and I know what you mean about those occasional child related events..stressful at the time for sure,hope things are calmer now.

  3. Hello Caz,

    That son of yours is a lucky guy, great socks!
    Happy reading!!!

    Dutch greetings, Carolien

  4. Loving those socks! Wish I could knit, altho' not enough to make me swap my hook! Oddly I have just returned to the second sock, first one has been waiting for a friend since about October! Everyone is doing the sock thing. Good luck too, with those children things. (I get that 100%!)

  5. Love those socks and love the fun your son is getting from them.

  6. What fabulous socks!!! I am sure that your son will love wearing them! xx

  7. I love the colours of your socks, instant feeling of cosiness derived from those shades. Your son's ones will be very zingy indeed!
    Hope things settle down soon.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Lisa x

  8. Hope life settles down soon, great socks X

  9. Awesome socks! It's always nice when you know a knitted gift will be appreciated :)

  10. Socks! They are everywhere at the moment, and I have yet to make any! Keep on buying sock yarn though lol

  11. how did i miss your yarnalong post last week?? talk about life getting in the way. LOVE those socks....and really love that a near 20 yo requested them!!! My 43 yo now only wants sleep socks....but he's pretty darn loyal to them and requests new ones every year at Christmas!!! (we trained 'em good, didn't we?

  12. I agree, if a family member actually requests a crocheted garment, I will drop everything and try my very best to accommodate their demands! Great socks, and lovely to think that 20 year old sons still want us mums to make them something. x

  13. I've not read Atonement but I did see the film. If you want to cheat ;-)

  14. Those socks are gorgeous! Hope all stress has passed and you are enjoying the book, I've read other Ian McEwan books that I really enjoyed but haven't tried that one x

  15. Excellent socks! I love the stripes and agree it's very pleasing to be asked by a family member to make something for them. I hope the bumps smooth themselves out soon :-) xx


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