Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Whoosh...this is the summer going!


Have you noticed? Or is just me that feels the summer, as always, is flying past! 

My job is a '52-weeks-a year' job so I do have to work over the summer, although I try to 
save as much of my annual leave entitlement as I can for the summer. I find myself trying to squeeze in days out and away with family and friends around work commitments. 

I do love the summer, I relish the opportunities to sit outside to eat meals  - eating 
breakfast outside feels so decadent, especially at 6am before I go to work, why is that?
I have to make the most of the longer (and hopefully warmer) days and spend as much
time as I can out of doors.

I am having fun knitting Rachel Coopey's Hartwith hat using Baa Ram Ewe's 
Titus yarn in Goathland. This is 4 ply yarn so for me it will take a while to complete this
 knit but there is something very soothing about knitting this cabled pattern.

 I have almost completed Susan Howatch's 'The High Flyer'. This is the second in a trilogy 
but silly me read book three first so I have in effect nearly finished the trilogy. It has been 
an interesting read although I have found the end of book 2 a bit laborious and tedious. 
This trilogy is being passed to a friend when read so that will be 3 more books off my 
shelf - YAY!

.I am joining in with Ginny's yarn along - please have a look at her great blog. 

Happy summer holidays to you all


  1. I love the yarn for that hat.

  2. What a beautiful colour yarn, stunning. Summer is just flying by, maybe it feels that way because it was so late starting.

  3. Yay on getting in some good knitting and some good reading time.

  4. I do love the colour of your hat. very pretty. I also have a 52 weeks a year job so try to plan my holidays very carefully to make the most of the weather!

  5. You are the lady I need to talk to! I'm moving from a school based (6 weeks summer holidays) job to a 52 weeks a year job; how do I do it all? Am I allowed to leave my house to fester while I blog? Should I deny any knowledge of the washing machine? Help! I'm drowning in housework and no time to be bothered about it!

    The knitting looks lovely. And time spent reading is never wasted. I'm reading Thomas Hardy and all his novels in order. Yay me. (that was not enthusiasm) but having challenged myself I feel obliged to finish it. I'm reading other, more interesting books, in between.

  6. Hope they are plenty more sunny days for trips out and breakfast in the garden before the woolly hat is needed.
    Lisa x

  7. Such a nice knitwork and the colour is soooo beautiful!

    Dutch greetings, Carolien

  8. Missing you!! How is life at the moment?


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