Monday, 7 April 2014

tracking progress....

Ok, this will probably seem really obvious to many of you and you will no doubt read this and think "What? Has she only just worked that one out?" Some things take a while to seep into my brain - there are too many other thoughts taking up space in there, thoughts such as "how many days have I left to meet that deadline at work?" to more  mundane ones such "what shall we eat for dinner tonight?"

But my little eureka moment dawned on me yesterday, while I was sat cross stitching, and this was it - isn't blogging a great way of tracking progress? And tracking progress of almost anything you care to consider from your crafting projects, book reading, gardening, changes round the house, to your growing children!

For me I guess I am mostly interested in tracking progress of my crafting projects as I have way too many unfinished projects as well as a stack full of projects and ideas yet to be started. But with pretty busy weekends of sports I don't get much time to craft (as I have said before).

Yesterday (Sunday) was an exception. I took my daughter to football and when I got home I sat down on the settee, took out my cross stitching and barely moved for the rest of the day (my husband cooks dinner on Sundays!). It was extremely self indulgent but I actually didn't have the energy to move, it was almost as though my body was saying "ok, that's it for now, let's sit and have a bit of a rest today". And the bonus of this was that firstly I read quite a bit of my book which I am enjoying and introduced here but also I managed to crack on with my cross stitching which I also blogged about here.

So here is the photo I blogged last week...

and here was a photo I took this morning after my lazy day yesterday.....

... quite a bit more red jumper has appeared. It isn't a large project, so I'm hoping to finish it within the next few weeks.

And I was inspired by a post I read recently, but I'm sorry I've forgotten whose it was, to pick a few spring flowers from the garden.

All quite small flowers individually but they give a big impact en masse.

So pretty....

I hope you had en enjoyable weekend - were you very lazy this weekend? It's fine for a change isn't it?

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  1. It's not easy getting some 'lazy time' in our house even with my husband doing most of the cooking. But I did manage to sit down and work on my embroidery project on Saturday afternoon. It was a nice change after a busy and stressful morning...You're making great progress with your cross stitch project and I'm loving the flowers from your garden. The colours are so pretty.
    Have a lovely week! x


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