Tuesday, 26 August 2014

This and that....


Well, August Bank Holiday was a bit of a let-down weather-wise wasn't it? I was eagerly looking forward to the odd hour or two sat in a chair in the garden soaking up the sun's rays but instead I spent quite a lot of time either standing under trees to shelter from the rain or quietly getting damp as I stood in drizzle!

Anyway, not one to let the weather deter me from getting the family out, we managed a variety of little trips. So here we go!

Our first outing was on Friday when my daughter and I cycled to our local-ish organic farm for lunch.
 It poured with rain on our way there so we stood sheltering from the rain for about 20 mins listening to music on her iphone. 
But boy! The wait was worth it - scrambled eggs on toast followed by scones, cream and jam!! 

Well, we had earnt it! We had cycled there AND we had the return journey in front of us too,
 so sustenance was needed!

The animals at the farm are adorable. 

Daughter would have happily taken the donkey home with us - he looks like he is smiling!

Saturday arrived, and with it, an afternoon with nothing special planned so we decided to make a visit to Newark-on-Trent, a place I have never visited but have passed through on the train and thought it looked interesting. 

The castle looks quite spectacular overlooking the river, although most of what is left is this façade. We saw two couples having their wedding photos taken here - the castle makes a stunning backdrop. 
Rather annoyingly I'd forgotten to take my camera with me so I took just a few photos on my phone. 

Locks are always so fascinating but sadly there were no boats passing through today. 
In the distance are old mills, evidence that Newark was once a major trading town. 

Prince Rupert stayed in the house above during the English Civil War.
It looks a bit incongruous to see Greggs in such a historical building....

So Sunday arrives, and daughter and I were out fairly early in the morning and we found ourselves without any money but a wish for a cup of tea, so a quick emergency phone call to home and shortly afterwards, two other members of the family met us at the local steam railway. 

A cup of tea was followed by a couple of games of Jenga. 
And just as those games finished, two steam trains arrived.


Again I'm using my phone to take photos so the quality isn't great, 
but you can just see the steam train leaving in the middle of the photo below. 

I love the solidness of the station buildings. 

And I think for most of us in the UK, the weather on Monday wasn't the type to attract us out of doors - a shame really when traditionally there are so many outdoor events organised for August Bank Holiday.

However, elder son made good use of his time at home by baking a cake.......

He calls it a giant Oreo
And I know he won't mind me saying this 
(considering that it came out of a packet, one he'd been given some time ago) 
it tasted surprisingly good!

I hope you a good weekend!


  1. That cake looks great! As do the lovely scones. I'm sure you really enjoyed them. That smiling donkey made me smile too - I love donkeys and, if I had somewhere to keep one, I would have a donkey as a pet.

  2. Well done, you've made the most of a damp weekend and had a really lovely time I think. The railway with the steam trains looks wonderful, what a great place to visit. The cake looks pretty good, it's great that your son can bake, a very useful life skill! CJ xx

  3. You had a great bank holiday weekend. The scone with cream and jam is so inviting and yes I think the donkey is smiling. We stopped by briefly in Newark on Trent last year. We had a walk round the town square but didn't go to the castle or canal. Would love to come back one day. My girls would love those steam trains. You're lucky to have a steam railway near you. And that cake really looks like a giant Oreo. Well done to your son for baking! x

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! I agree, that donkey is definitely smiling.
    Marianne x


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