Monday, 1 September 2014


That is always the feeling I have when I see the sea..................

Living in the middle of the country means we have to commit to a minimum of a two-hour drive to reach a bit of coast (older son informed me only this week that we lived just 20 miles from the middle of England, although there is some debate about the exact location of the 'true' centre point of England). This is a drawback for someone like me who loves the sea, in all weathers.

This year we hadn't yet made one visit to the sea. We have found that as the children have got older, the holidays where we used to spend a week by the sea perhaps in Cornwall, or Dorset or Northumberland just don't hold quite the same attraction for them anymore but yet a short break to walk along the beach, eat ice creams and spend our coppers on the amusements was acceptable to all. So last week we spent one night at one of our favourite seaside resorts, Filey.

This is how Filey is described: The quaint seaside resort of Filey, positioned on the beautiful Yorkshire Coast, is the perfect place to stay for those looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday.
Bursting with all the appeal of a traditional Edwardian coastal town, Filey offers a real sense of olde worlde charm. The 5 mile stretch of clean, sandy, award winning beaches are the ideal place to spend your afternoons."

Sounds ideal for us. I posted about a visit daughter and I made to Filey last year here.

On our first day, the weather was better than forecast so we spent several hours on the beach, reading, playing with a bat and ball, drinking tea from a flask,

eating ice creams .............

And I do love to go out for walk in the evening along the sea front,

especially at a time of the evening when normally, if we were at home, we would probably be indoors. 

Even daughter didn't complain about the walk .... ok, I'm kidding, she was on her skateboard, and given a helping-hand uphill by older brother!

Our second day started a bit grey and overcast.

A small purchase at the wool and needlework shop (The Beachcomber) brightened my day. This is such a great shop packed with all sorts of yarny and fabric goodies - and all at a very reasonable price. 
Then, a round of pitch and putt kept us amused for almost 2 hours!

More ice cream followed,

and paddling and sea glass hunting.

 I could spend hours watching the tide coming in.

But eventually, as the late afternoon light hit the cliffs on the north side of the bay, it was time for us to say goodbye to Filey once more.




  1. Sometimes a short trip is the best. Everyone stays happy, teenagers do not miss their friends too much and enjoy being with the family. It looks like a beautiful trip.

  2. Aaah indeed, it sounds like you had a wonderful break. Your photos are lovely, it's such a beautiful spot, ideal indeed to spend your afternoons. The sea has a magical charm doesn't it. CJ xx

  3. Ahhh...... All your photos have made me want to go to the beach too. Filey looks just perfect for a short break. Our favourite beach is in Robin Hoods Bay and hopefully we can have a little break there soon...Have a lovely week.x

  4. Lovely. I grew up near the coast in south west Wales but since going to uni have lived in the midlands, Berkshire and now northants. Strangely it is only since having children that I have started to miss being so far from the sea. Maybe it because they love the beach so much & it brings back all my childhood memories of summers at the beach almost every day. Lovely pictures.

  5. Looks like a lovely place to go for a short beak. A great compromise too.


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