Monday, 16 February 2015

A bit of flitting...


Well another week/weekend has flown past  - and I can't even blame a busy schedule on 
the speed at which the week passed. I spent much of it lying on the sofa trying to recover 
from a cold/cough that has been hanging around for 4 weeks now. Still, looking on the 
bright side, a mum at football told me she had had a cold this winter that lasted 8 weeks, so 
at least I'm half way!!

I don't know about you but when I'm not feeling well I struggle to concentrate on
 anything - I guess most people feel the same. However, I did manage to read Pompeii by 
Richard Harris which I enjoyed.

I made some slight headway on my Me to You Tatty Ted cross stitch. As you can see from this earlier post I have been stitching this teddy for some time. I have finished all the main
 stitches and I am now onto the outline  - but oh boy it does take some concentration 
and I just didn't feel up to more than a couple of hours on this.

So I decided to flit to another cross stitch project
 (yes, I confess to having many, if not countless WIPs!).
This is an extra special project as younger son bought this for me for Christmas 2013 - 
he and a friend visited our local yarn/craft store and chose this kit especially because he 
knows how much I love the sea.

But I was shocked by my untidy mess of threads - it's a good job
 this isn't a big project with lots of threads. 

So a bit of cardboard (from an empty packet of dish washer tablets) was sought 
and order soon restored - ahhhh....................

 then I realised the blue thread for the sky was missing, served me right for being so 
disorganized with my threads in the first place!

And then I found it, safely stored on Tatty Ted's thread holder!

and I was properly organised! 

I'm delighted to say I made great progress with this project....

..and finished it on Saturday. I love the colours. 

I haven't quite decided what I am going to do with it - I might make 
a little wall hanging or I may get it framed properly as it is extra special.

Elder son has been home this weekend - always a great treat. 
We had a lovely walk on Friday in Bradgate Park - one of my favourite parks particularly
 on  a quiet day, and I thought a bit of fresh air would do me some good. This park can
 be heaving with people on high days and holidays and is definitely to be avoided
 on Boxing Day!

Of course our walk was rewarded with a light lunch for me and a 'not quite 
so light' lunch for son at the tea shop. 

And just to finish off my photo flitting - look at these delicious 
cupcakes my daughter's friend made - aren't they fantastic?

Wishing you a great week, and possibly half term!


  1. Thank you! And thank God for half terms! We need the rest after a busy time at school. Love the cross stitch; I used to do a lot, but my cross stitching mojo left when I got pregnant 18 years ago and has not quite made it back yet!

    1. half terms are so needed aren't they? Hope you enjoys yours!

  2. Mmm, yes, lovely cupcakes, I could eat one right now. I'm sorry you're still under the weather, I do hope you're better soon. Maybe it's all this standing around at football in the dead of winter that's finishing us off. You're making good progress on your cross stitch. I have a couple that I should really get to grips with. Keep inspiring me! CJ xx

    1. Ha, ha CJ - yes why is it always cold at football? Glad to hear you had a successful weekend of football

  3. Yum cupcakes, I could just eat one now! I hope you are feeling better soon, all these bugs have taken a hold this time round. x

    1. Thank you, I am getting better albeit more slowly than I would like! Arrgggh - so frustrating!

  4. THese nasty bugs, it's hard to escape them and they seem to stay around for longer than usual these days. I do hope you're on the mend now. You still made some good progress with your cross stitch despite feeling unwell. Your 'By the Sea' picture is looking particularly bright and lovely. I think you should have it framed. Have a good week! X

    1. Thank you Marion, I am feeling better. Yes I think it will have to be framed - I want it to be around for a long time!

  5. Those cupcakes look delicious and I love your cross-stitch. I used to cross-stitch alot but haven't touched any for quite some time, the result being a few unfinished projects (I could never stick to just one at a time). I hope you're feeling better soon. Jx

    1. Thanks Jane, yes I get bored so never stick to just one either, the result is many unfinished projects!

  6. Your pictures are lovely. I haven't done any cross stitching for years, although I have read Pompeii several times because I enjoyed it so much. Glad you're feeling better, have a great week! xx

    1. Thank you, I have now passes Pompeii to son, I think he will enjoy it too.

  7. Glad you are feeling better. I think when I have a cold it feels like my brain is stuffed up and I can't think!

    1. Exactly Meredith, everything including my brain seems to be on a 'go slow'!

  8. Your cross stitching is really good. You should get your special By the Sea piece framed.

    (Sorry - somehow managed to already make this comment on your previous post)

    1. Thank you Gillian, yes I think I'll get it framed but will choose carefully as it is only small and I don't want the cross sticth to be overwhelmed by the frame.

  9. Hope you're feeling better now! The by the sea picture is lovely, you should definitely have it framed! xx

  10. Glad the cold is getting better, I've had two this year and it's horrible!! I tend to get the Dvd's out when I'm suffering and get lost in films etc! x


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