Monday, 26 January 2015

Red, red robin!


Firstly, thank you to everyone who left comments on my last post - you made me realise 
that despite my aim not to purchase more crafty supplies, buying from a charity shop did 
not count - and I shall remember that next time I visit town! Thank you!

So I started another little cross stitch project last week, although it has been growing very 
slowly as I spent a couple of days on the sofa, feeling a bit sorry for myself while suffering 
from a cold.

I wanted to add another little cross stitch project to the winter ones I have already sewn 
- a little sheep and a snowman (who's still waiting for the final sew up, poor man!).

 This time I thought I'd stitch a robin and after a quick perusal through my cross stitch magazines
 I decided on the little chappy featured in the above issue of Cross Stitcher. I had a bit of a 
shock when I realised the date on this magazine was December 1994 - my goodness it's 
20 years old! 

On the right of the photo is my completed version of the robin which I sewed many years ago.
 Here is a close-up of him. Not bad considering I was quite a novice cross stitcher then.

 And here he is hanging on my bedroom wall beneath another little cover 
kit I sewed, also again many years ago - in fact you can just see that it says "97"
 in the bottom right hand corner .

 Some time ago I'd bought some spotty evenweave and I thought this would be a good time
 to try it out with the aim that it would look like falling snow. 

Here is an early "in progress" photo. Umm.....


And here is a slightly later photo - I'm not convinced about the spots yet. 
What do you think? I think I'll persevere and complete the project and then
 make a final decision on the spots. 

If I don't use this eveneweave for snow-effect I'm not sure what I will use it for and boy do I
 have a big piece of spotty evenweave! Perhaps I could just use it as a backing fabric for 
some of my other little cross stitch ornaments. We'll see - the jury's still out, as they say.  

 Hope you have a good week and thank you for popping by!


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog ~ your thoughts are very much appreciated. I love your little robin and the spots do look just like snow . I'd definitely keep going with it as it will be beautiful when it's finished. I used to do cross stitch probably about 20 years ago too but now my "old lady" eyes can't really cope with it! :O)xx

  2. I've never used eveweave for cross-stitch but now I'd like to try it. The spots do look like snow and I really like the background colour. I hope you keep going with the robin because I think it will look gorgeous. I also like the old cross stiched robin and the little girl. Both designs haven't really aged, you'd still find them in cross stitch magazines today. x

  3. Lovely stitching, and I think the spots are perfect for snow. I love that you've framed your finished pieces and hung them, they're so pretty. I shall look forward to seeing the finished robin. CJ xx

  4. That fabric is very little some I bought before Christmas but mine is a lighter colour (still with white spots). I wanted to make a wallhanging using crocheted snowflakes but the white dots didn't really work well. So I sewed the snowflakes to hessian first and .... I still haven't got round to sewing the hessian backed snowflakes to the fabric. Might be ready for next Christmas.

  5. That robin is wonderful.

  6. I quite like the spots. Maybe if you appliquéd some white fabric under the robins feet, or cross-stitched a patch of white then it would like he was standing where the snow/spots had fallen ? In any case, he's very cute.
    I also love the little Holly Hobbie-esque cross-stitch, really sweet :)

  7. Beautiful little robin! Charity shops never count, you have to buy buy buy from them when you see a good bargain......well, I do anyway, can't resist!! Suzy x

  8. Lovely looking robin, you have more patience than me!
    Thank you for the lovely comment left on my blog xxx

  9. Your cross stitching is really good. You should get your special By the Sea piece framed.


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