Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Popping by...

...to say "hello" and catch up.

I have been very quiet lately on my blog, only because of that usual issue: life got a bit busy.  

In brief, the boys are back from university, school is out, daughter awaits GCSE results, 
we had a fantastic family holiday and work continues.


Holiday for us was a train trip across Europe. Starting from our town we got a train to
St Pancras, and then took the Eurostar to Bonn, and travelled onward by train to
Stuttgart, Munich, Prague and Krakow.


My husband and I have always enjoyed adventurous holidays and now the children are,
well not really children any more, we have started venturing off again.
And train travel is my favourite way to travel.

Europe had a heatwave while we were away - it was extremely hot some
days, up to 36 degrees C.

And thankfully the young people enjoy this type of holiday as much
as we do. There is no opportunity to get bored!
(Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart)

Here are just a selection of photos from our holiday. 

(Englisher Beer Garten, Munich on a Sunday afternoon, 
listening to a brass band playing in the pavilion)

In between family and work life, I have been trying to make the most of the summer - 
I've spent time with my friend who lives in Malaysia and comes back for the summer. We spent a day in the Peak District and walked along Stanage Edge,
once we had consumed 2 coffees and a cream tea!


I spent a weekend with my friend in Kent. 
We saw "The Elephant Man" at the Theatre Royal Haymarket starring 
Bradley Cooper - it was fantastic.
I couldn't stop yawning all weekend - I was just SOOO relaxed.

(Prague station, waiting for the overnight sleeper train to Krakow) 

I have read your blogs, but I'm sorry that I haven't always had chance to respond. 

(Auschwitz - daughter met an Auschwitz survivor this year as part of her history lessons)

As you can see, our holiday had a bit of World War II theme - this wasn't planned but we have
done much reading and watching of documentaries and films about WWII since our return
 - it was certainly an educational trip!

(Oskar Schindler's factory, Krakow)

This weekend we have a night away planned at Whitby YHA. 
We live a long way from the sea and I am desperately in need of seeing the sea. 
We are planning to head for Staithes and possibly Robin Hood's Bay on Friday.

(Square inside Jewish ghetto, Krakow. The bronze chairs represent 
furniture abandoned by Jews when the ghetto was liquidated)

It is a very long time since the children/young people of the family visited
Staithes and Robin Hood's Bay. 
Saturday we have planned to visit our old favourite Filey. 
Sadly, the weather forecast for the weekend is awful, but hey, we can sit in the car
and drink tea from a thermos!

(Main Square, Krakow)

Until next time...I hope you are enjoying the summer and continue to do so!
Best wishes

And "thank you" to everyone who left comments on my Tuc post- very thoughtful and kind!


  1. Hope you enjoy your weekend away. Your holiday sounds great - we would love to do something like that some day, especially getting to see anything to do with WWII.

  2. Major envy going on here; I've been to Bonn, Cologne, Prague, Berlin... but not Krakow or Auschwitz. And never with all the kids or in the past 17 years. And to go by train; how wonderful!

  3. Thank you for sharing your photos. The concentration camp photos gave me goosebumps. So very sad. Have a beautiful rest of your week!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  4. Looks like a wonderful and exciting tour by train. If only we can do it here locally. The photos are great and I like the Mercedes Benz!

  5. Looks like a wonderful and exciting tour by train. If only we can do it here locally. The photos are great and I like the Mercedes Benz!

  6. Looks like a wonderful and exciting tour by train. If only we can do it here locally. The photos are great and I like the Mercedes Benz!

  7. Wow, it sounds as though you've been having a wonderful summer with lots of brilliant adventures. I hope you have a lovely weekend at the coast, and best wishes to your daughter for her GCSE results. CJ xx

  8. Looks and sounds as though you had a great time! Very glad for you! I hope that the exam results will be great too!! xx

  9. Sounds like a wonderful holiday and other fun adventures, loved seeing your photos :)

  10. There is nothing like fun time with the family. And summer.

  11. What an interesting holiday, so much to do and see. X

  12. Lovely photos. I'm in the Peak District funnily enough. What an adventurous holiday. Hope you enjoy Whitby and manage to get to Robin Hoods Bay. I love it there. X


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