Sunday, 23 August 2015



Gosh, the weather has been warm here in the Midlands of England, but I am not complaining. 
It's so nice to walk out of the house on seemingly endless days and not have to think
 "Do I need a cardigan?" or even more likely "Do I need a raincoat?"

As the title suggests, my post this week is all about progress - 
I feel there has been a definite theme developing in my life over the last few days. 

It doesn't happen very often so please bear with me and indulge me in my glorification
 of recent progresses! Sometimes they are few and far between!

So here goes (but I do apologise for the quality of some of these photos) 
and also for the mundane subject matter of some of them too.

Number 1: Boy, oh boy - when I bought this cute cross stitch kit I didn't realise quite 
how much sky (and snow!) there was to stitch, but I now feel I am making 
measurable inroads into that sky. Only 5 more rows to go!

Number 2: Mr. Gissing, you are a talented writer, constructing complicated sentences and using a
challenging vocabulary which I love to read, but after a day at work I struggle
to read more than a few pages before my eyes close.

 I have been reading this book for what seems an eternity, but I am now over half way! 

I started to read this book several months ago and downloaded it onto my kindle to continue 
reading it while I was on holiday, but it wasn't until I was actually away that I realised the
 kindle version was an abridged version, and no way did I want to read it!  

(OK, diversion here from my progress. My daughter spent the weekend in Oakham and I
picked her up Sunday, while I waited for her I wandered into the town, found a bench 
(and a coffee) and sat to read a few more pages of my book. I then had a short wander 
round. Oakham is a very pretty town. The Butter Cross below first appeared on a map in 1611.)

 (Note the five holes in the stocks! Why? How? The mind boggles!)

(Back to progress)
Number 3: Once home from Oakham I tackled that dreadful chore - ironing. 
Here is just some of the items I de-creased!

 Number 4: Saturday, and a dirty job that has been waiting several years, 
yes I cleared out the garage! 
There is still more stuff to sort out but it is much tidier and cleaner - yay!
We even got one of the bikes fixed on Saturday afternoon. 
Sometime elder son had said he would fix a problem with a back tyre - but 
said tyre and inner tube had languished for months on the garage floor. 
But every cloud has a silver lining, as husband and I we sat outside drinking 
coffee at the cafe next door to the bike shop while the tyre, and a new inner tube, were
 reunited with the bicycle frame!
What more could we ask!

Number 5: Crochet blanket - there had been little crochet on this blanket for many
 months, but some longer car journeys of late has meant that I have added 
several limestone and candy pink rows. 
I ordered more crochet cotton tonight too, desperately hoping that 
it arrives before we leave for a long weekend away in Yorkshire on Friday. 

Number 6: And finally - I am having a bit of a clear out at home. 
We have a stack of jigsaws in the loft and I decided it was time some found a 
new home. But of course I have to check that there are no pieces missing 
before I take them to the charity shop
 (Ok, it's also a grand excuse to do each puzzle one more time.) 
This jigsaw has 1500 pieces - and I like to make it harder by
 not looking at the picture on the box.   

So, there it is. 
Sometimes when life feels a bit busy it is good to feel progress is being made,
 even if in very small ways. 
Thank you for indulging me!

Have a great week.


  1. Perhaps Rolf Harris lived there? (Jake the Peg?)

  2. Ha, I hang the ironing along the door frame like that too. Oakham looks an interesting place, love a bit of history xx

  3. Love the look of Oakham. I think you have made lots of progress in this post. Xxx

  4. That's a brilliantly productive time, well done you. I need to tackle the garage as well, and take a couple of bikes to the bike shop, you have reminded me. My handlebars are pointing in a slightly different direction to my front wheel, and the middle boy's bike makes a horrible noise in the lower gears. I love your crochet blanket, the texture of double crochet is absolutely lovely. I hope the cotton arrives in time for your long weekend in Yorkshire, and that you have a wonderful time. CJ xx

  5. You've made lots of progress indeed, well done you! The garage must have been a monster job but it all looks clean and tidy in the photo and there's definitely progress there with your crochet blanket. Hope you have a great weekend away. And it's true, it feels good to make some progress, even in If in very small ways. X

  6. You will feel,so good at the end of this busy, productive week! I tackled the ironing on Sunday and got through a whopping four baskets, that felt good too! Like you I hang-as-I-go! X

  7. LOVE this post! Your mention of jigsaws is too funny - I also like to make them harder by not looking at the box! What are we like eh ?! I do like taking photos of completed ironing and tidy garages - they feel like real accomplishments as they are such rare events :)

  8. It looks like you've got lots of things done! I detest ironing too but I love crochet and your blanket is gorgeous :-)
    Marianne x

  9. Lots of progress!!!! I am not going to think about the stocks, my mind is too boggoly already!!! Your blanket looks great, I hope your yarn has arrived! xx

  10. Well you are making progress, I wish I could say the same over here! Hugs to you,

  11. Just between us I'll admit that I quite like ironing :-) Love the look of the crochet blanket, it is coming along nicely.

  12. Yes you've really been making progress. The cross-stitch is lovely. Hopefully it will be finished in time for Christmas. Your crocheted blanket looks amazing. Such a lot of work must have gone into it already. I leave the garage cleaning-out to my husband!

  13. Progress indeed! It's good to get those jobs done isn't it. Oakham looks nice, I've never been there. xx


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