Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Yarn along - Bad Pharma and Folksong scarf!


Joining in with Ginny's yarn along, and because I am not working today for a
change I'm posting this surprisingly early for me on a Wednesday.
On the needles:
my second girl's chunky scarf in Sirdar Folksong.
This scarf is for daughter and so mostly gets knitted when she isn't around.
The first one I knitted for daughter was safely stored in my gifts cupboard but was
summarily called into service about two weeks ago. Daughter had been invited to a party
and had forgotten all about until a friend rang from the pizza restaurant for the birthday
 meal and asked "Where are you?"!
So we had to find a gift immediately and I suggested we gave this scarf as a gift.
Daughter of course hadn't seen it and said how nice it was, and asked whether it had been
intended as a gift for her. I had to admit that it was so I promised I would knit another one
for her. I think Sirdar have discontinued this wool but thankfully I managed to find
some more on ebay.
This should be finished in time for Christmas.
My book:
Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre.
Loving this book!
This book describes how data in medicine is misused and unused, and so doctors
 are making decisions, such as prescribing drugs without having a full picture of a
drug's efficacy and side effects.
Loved Ben's previous book too Bad Science, especially the chapter on Gillian McKeith.
Happy reading and knitting!


  1. What a beautiful gift, I love the yarn such a pretty mix of colours.

    1. Thank you, it is pretty yarn isn't it, and very warm!

  2. I like those colors. It looks like it's going to be real soft too. Happy knitting!

    1. Yes, it is soft and knits very quickly, always a bonus!

  3. It's looking beautiful and the book sounds very interesting!
    Thank you~

    1. And it is very easy to read too, Ben explains things clearly.

  4. What a lovely scarf, and well done you for knitting it twice! The book sounds really intriguing, I like to learn about that sort of thing. CJ xx

    1. CJ, I would highly recommend his books. They are very enlightening, and I work in this area. But as I said before, easy to read.

  5. I'm so interested in these books but I'm a bit scared to read them if I'm honest. Fab scarf, I bet she will be delighted to receive it xx

    1. Thank you! In some ways what Ben says is a bit scary, doctors making decisions on published results that are very biased, but I think it is good for us as patients to know that.

  6. Beautiful scarf, such pretty colours!! xx

  7. Your scarf looks lovely and soft and if it knits up quick that's a bonus in my book! It's a worry that doctors have to make decisions using biased data but I guess that pharma is such a big business it would take some shake-up to sort it all out. xx

  8. I am way behind with my blog reading, Caz, but I finally made it. I hope that you and your family are enjoying the holiday season.


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