Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Yarn along!


Today I'm joining in with Ginny's 'yarn along'.

 I'm making some progress with my Osen Christmas stocking knitted in Titus yarn
This yarn is so soft that I think I will be wearing this Christmas stocking, rather than 
hanging it up hopefully on Christmas Eve! 
Progress on this has slowed recently because I've been distracted by crocheting 
little red Christmas gift bags.  

I am making even less progress with 'The Full Cupboard of Love' - I just don't 
seem to be able to concentrate on reading at the moment. 
Looking forward eagerly to my next book!

PS Thank you for all the lovely messages left on my last post - and for all the offers of drives on which to park my campervan! Fun times beckon!


  1. The Christmas stocking looks amazing, you have a such a talent for knitting.

  2. Your stocking is so beautiful!!! I love it! xx

  3. Gorgeous stocking, very beautifully stitched, a talent indeed. I know what you mean about not being able to concentrate on reading, sometimes I find it hard to get into a book. I'm ambling between books at the moment, unable to settle. CJ xx

  4. Maybe you're just to busy with other projects to get into to your book. Your Christmas stocking is absolutely gorgeous. I can't even imagine the amount of concentration that must go into something like that.

  5. Love that Christmas stocking. It is so pretty. I totally understand the lack of reading right now. There are too many other things to do.

  6. Your colour work is beautiful!

  7. When I'm too restless to read I listen... often listen again... to a book. Harry Potter has finally made it to Audible, so my kitchen should be sparkling this week, as I spend any free time listening and fiddling. I need to clear my Christmas treats shelf!!

  8. Lovely. You can tell that it is soft and cuddly just by looking at it, and great colors.

  9. I love that pattern! The yarn really does look super soft :)

  10. I'll be wearing the Christmas stocking too. It's gorgeous! X

  11. Such a lovely stocking, a beautiful Christmassy pattern, I would wear it too ha! X


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