Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Birdsong....and Ginny's yarn along


Once again joining in with Ginny's yarn along

So I am re-reading Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks. 
I first read this book several years ago and thought it was quite good 
and decided to have another go at it. 
I think my current opinions on it are very similar to those when I read it the first time. 
"It's quite good" but not a top 10 favourite.
The descriptions of life in the first world war trenches is impressive. 

 Knitting continues to be "those" socks for younger son, but I am on the home run.
 One sock finished, and turned the heel on the second sock so the finishing line is in sight! Yippee!

And today's photo is rather special: I took it outside in warm sunshine, yes, warm sunshine. 
Thank goodness I was working at home today and could nip outside to appreciate even just a few  minutes some very welcome sunshine.

Do have a look at the gorgeous yarn Ginny is using, it reminds me of a green meadow full of summer flowers.  

I hope you have managed to enjoy a bit of sunlight today!

And P.S. (all non-football-fans look away now): 

well done Leicester City on winning the Premier League!!! 


  1. It certainly has been a glorious day much needed after all the weird weather of late. Beautiful yarn for the socks a really good mix of colour.

  2. I bet it's party season on Leicester right now how exciting for all the fans.
    We read that book a couple of years ago in our book club, I really wasn't looking forward to it but I found it fascinating.
    Lisa x

  3. Enjoy the moments of sunshine & the socks are great!

    xxx Carolien

  4. Your socks are so colourful.
    No longer a follower of Premier League football, still very happy for Leicester City,a momentous achievement for the team and their manager and the the loyal fans.

  5. I like to re read favorite books because sometimes I love it more and sometimes I wonder why it was a favorite :) love the socks and being in sunshine. We have had a week of cloudiness.

  6. Sunshine and socks and a good (if not perfect!) book, sounds wonderful! X

  7. There was a mini-series on TV a few years ago made from Birdsong. I thought it was well made and quite true to the spirit of the book.


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