Friday, 13 May 2016

Five on Friday - garden


Well my 'Five on Friday' hosted by Amy at Love Made My Home follows a similar theme
 to Amy's, it's all about my garden but somehow mine doesn't feel quite so calm and
 ordered. In fact I originally considered titling this post "Five surprising things in my garden" 
but managed to find some 'neater' photos in the end to balance out this post.
 So here goes. 

One: Balls, all 58!!

Two children love sports, especially football, and our garden is always littered with balls. 
Every so often I have a round-up. I did this last weekend and managed to fill 2 old dustbins 
with 58 balls including table tennis, tennis, golf, soft, hockey, lacrosse and 
of course, footballs! We get through so many footballs we buy them in bulk!
"Doubtless I will find more balls once I get on with the weeding" 
(she says shyly, see photo 3)

Two: Bedding plants in flowerpots!!

"Bedding plants in flower pots? What's so special about that?" you might ask. 
Well, it is quite a few years since I have put flowers in pots, and the reason is because of 
photo 1 above. Yes, balls! With so many balls flying around the garden my bedding plants 
were frequently dead-headed whether they were ready to be dead-headed or not! 
In fact, dead-stalked would probably be a better description. I did point out to daughter 
that I'd planted flowers in pots this year and that I was hoping that as she is now 17 she 
should be a better shot and could thus avoid my pots! Only time will tell, and my 
flowers have the long summer holiday to survive yet when 2 more young people will 
be back home from University and playing ball games in the garden. 
"Take cover plants!"

Three: (weeds)

Yes, I mention that word quietly. 
Life has been pretty busy bringing up children and 
working so the garden has been neglected over the last few years. But both sons are now 
at University, and daughter passed her driving test a few weeks ago and has suddenly 
become very independent, in fact I feel she has grown a whole 12 months in just one day!
So, sadly, we do have more free time and I think I have 
probably done more gardening already this year than I have in the last 5! 
But this bit of garden at the bottom is one part that I have yet to tackle and I have 
decided that I want to start again with it. 
However, I did think the bluebells looked pretty against the ornamental grasses 
(for 'ornamental grasses' read 'weeds'). 

Four: More balls, ball games

Daughter is revising for AS-levels and so spends many hours sat at a desk. This is quite 
challenging when you are someone who likes being active. Every so often we take her
 outside and throw a few balls for her to catch, and as you can see she thoroughly enjoys
 this and literally throws herself into the activity!

Five: Matching the bluebells 

I have just started knitting my next pair of socks, and I think this might be my
 favourite colourway yet: Regia design line Kaffe Fasset "Frost"
This was one that I was so tempted to buy some months ago and 
eventually gave into the urge and I am so pleased I did - it was definitely the 
right decision. In fact, I'm thinking of purchasing more yarn to knit gloves and a scarf, 
not that I am intending to wear them all at the same time. 

Please head over to Amy's blog. Thank you to Amy for hosting "Five on Friday"
Wishing you a good weekend - and where has the sun gone?? 


  1. Gorgeous sock yarn, I would have been tempted too. I love the backdrop to your garden, all those huge green trees, beautiful. I completely identify with the amount of balls about the place and the destruction of plants in pots. And in fact the pots themselves. As you say, the summer holidays will be a big test. I don't expect much to survive unscathed. I shall look forward to seeing what you do with the bottom of your garden. CJ xx

  2. Socks are all the rage at the moment, aren't they :-) It's quite magical watching the stripes appear. Enjoy your garden :-)

  3. Lovely colour wool!

    You did find a lot of balls in your garden. Wow. Do you have a really big garden?

    Have a lovely weekend

  4. 58. That's pretty incredible! I understand the AS revision stress as our daughter too sits hers from Minday. Good luck to your daughter

  5. Plenty of time for an ordered garden,lovely to see it is used for the pleasure of the family:)
    Your sock yarn is so pretty.

  6. Congrtas to your daughter on passing her test and good luck to her for the AS exams.
    Lovely colour yarn I can see why you were smitten.
    The garden is definitely a work in progress here for us too this year, hope you enjoy working and relaxing in yours.
    Lisa x

  7. Great news your daughter passing her driving test, makes life so much easier. Love the yarn you have chosen such a beautiful colour. I like to have lost of plants in pots, gives the garden some depth and real colour.

  8. Hee hee! You did make the laugh about the less ordered bit, it is only because I take photos of the ordered bits! You should see the grass coming up in one of the borders, more than the "lawn" has. Plus we don't have all of those balls flying around! Your garden looks great! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I hope you are having a good weekend. Sorry to be late visiting, I have been otherwise occupied as I said in my post. xx

  9. We used to have so many soccer and basketballs they overflowed out of my garage and were all over the place. Good luck with your daughter's studies. That yarn is gorgeous.

  10. My garden used to be the same, I had a round up of footballs and rugby balls every so often, but the boys don't really play out there any more now that they are older. The dog has taken over garden-wrecking duties by digging holes. And I don't pick up footballs now, I pick up dog poop! Beautiful yarn x

  11. So nice to read a new blogpost of yours ;)
    I love anything from Kaffe Fasset and that wool is SUPERB!
    Do show us how they're coming about!

  12. 58?! That is a lot. No wonder your bedding plants didn't stand a chance! I hope they fare better this year, Caz. Good luck to your daughter for her AS levels xx

  13. Lots of activity! your garden sounds like it has been well used and loved :) good luck for the A Levels xx

  14. I am way behind with my blog reading, having been away on holiday, but I finally stopped by to hear all your news.

  15. That's a lot of balls! Hope the AS levels went well. Here's to more sunny weather so you can all get out and appreciate your garden. xx

  16. That's a lot of balls! Hope the AS levels went well. Here's to more sunny weather so you can all get out and appreciate your garden. xx


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