Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Yarn along.. blue thread and stripey socks (still!)

Once again joining in with Ginny's yarn along

Looking back at my yarnalong post of 2 weeks ago, I can hardly believe that I have yet
 to finish younger son's first sock! But boy, these men socks seem to take much more 
knitting than socks designed for my size 5 feet! 

I can happily zip along knitting socks for me as I know the size perfectly and a quick
 count of rows every so often, and then I'm off again. Whereas with this unfamiliar sock 
size I have to keep stopping, finding my tape measure, deciding how much I should stretch 
the socks while measuring them and cogitating whether I have reached the desired size 
yet, while also having a slight concern in a corner of my mind as to whether I'll have 
enough wool for a second sock. 

In comparison to the relatively slow progress in my sock, and despite an initial inability to concentrate on Ian McEwan's 'Atonement', I eventually got 'into it' and loved it! I think it 
might even become one of my top 10 favourite reads! McEwan gives very detailed 
descriptions of everyday happenings and objects, but it all helps to build the tension. I
 couldn't understand the purpose of the postscript at first but on reflection I can see now 
how it explains much of the story - I shan't say more in case you wish to read it.  

Now onto my next book 'A spool of blue thread' by Anne Tyler which has been 
recommended by several people - I'm looking forward to it!

And finally, thank you to everyone for your kind comments on my last yarnalong post
The family/child-related problem was eventually sorted last night, just over 2 weeks after
 it first raised its ugly head. Two weeks of stress, albeit it in peaks and troughs, and now
 time for some calm again in the family.....
Wishing you a peaceful week

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Yarn along... stripy socks and Atonement


Here I am joining in with Ginny's Wednesday yarn along

I recently finished a pair of socks for me 
(I hope this link to the photo on my instagram account works!) 
Younger son seemed particularly taken with them and asked for a pair of very bright 
hand knitted socks. And of course if someone actually asks us to knit something for them, 
we get very excited, and so I rushed off to scour the internet for suitable wool and came
up with the above. Yes, son approved, wool was ordered, arrived 2 days later
and off we went, socks cast on - weeeee........ 

But I am having to knit a larger size than normal and making a few other adjustments. 
I tried them on his feet yesterday and he was wiggling and giggling like
 a toddler - he's nearly 20!! But I am enjoying knitting these - those bright colours
 can hardly fail to lift the spirits can they?

As for my book, well I have read a couple of Ian McEwan's books and really
 enjoyed them. We are reading his 'Atonement' for our book club. Sadly, I haven't read 
far into the book yet as my mind has been distracted by family events, you know those
 sort of 'children-related' events that occur every so often and that stress the heck out of
 you. Anyway, given time, as with all of life's little ups and downs I'm sure our 
present bumps will soon be smoothed...

I hope you are enjoying your current read!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Five on Friday....London


Once again I'm joining in with Amy's Five on Friday - please do visit her 
blog 'Love Made My Home' if you haven't yet, but I think lots of us know 
Amy and her blog already!  

So my Five on Friday is all about last Friday - the best day of the Easter weekend for us 
in terms of the weather forecast. Planning ahead I decided that Good Friday was the day 
for our planned day trip. It was a one-day break from revision for the young people from 
AS levels and University exams. 
At 7.44 am we boarded a deserted train to London. Once in London we headed for the 
Docklands Light Railway to make our way to Greenwich Park and more specifically to 

And here we are on the Meridian Line. Arriving at a relatively early hour it was still fairly 
quiet but there were still plenty of shadows. We then visited the Planetarium for a very
 interesting talk on identifying the more common stars and constellations. 

It was my first visit to Greenwich Park. The views from the Observatory over London and 
the Thames were stunning, especially in the spring sun. 

From Greenwich Park we walked to Greenwich village, home of the Cutty Sark.  

There was a great atmosphere in Greenwich, it felt almost like a carnival with the carousel, the food stalls, the pub and cafes around the Cutty Sark. And always that blue sky....

Back on the Docklands Light Railway we caught glimpses of restored docks and 
smart new apartments blocks built into old warehouses yet retaining the dockside old 
cranes for loading boats.  

A visit to London for me is hardly complete without a walk along the Thames.

And we finished the day with a meal at Pizza Express opposite St Paul's Cathedral.
 The sun accentuated the architectural details of the Cathedral. 

PS I'm finishing off with 2 sneaky extras photos:
my glorious pizza...

....and very welcome beer!

Sorry for cheating with 2 extra photos, but a great day with the family!
Have a great weekend