Monday, 28 September 2015

This weekend...


What a gloriously warm, sunny weekend it has been - and I have made the most of it. Did you see the lunar eclipse last night? I put my alarm on and then lay in bed watching it - quite spectacular!

Today, a few random photos of the weekend and a few accompanying words

Umm, I'm not really a fan of Halloween so why on earth, I ask myself, am I cross stitching
 Halloween motifs? I think I was just drawn to the zingy and fluorescent colours (a devil to photograph to get a true depiction of colour). 

Sitting outside reading and eating lunch. 

We bought crumpets for the first time in years - toasted and dripping with butter of course.

And then of course, buttery fingers on the lens of my camera lends a soft focus to subsequent photos!!

The lens cover is broken on my Nikon, in fact, I'm a little disappointed with it because
 I have only had this camera 3 years and it is is limping along now - the zoom has a
 mind of its own which makes for tricky photography!

I desperately needed a new peg bag. 

No, I don't usually store my pegs in a bowl - this is where I threw them while 
I used the old bag as a template. 

The peg bags I saw in the shop were incredibly flimsy so I decided to make a new one. 
(please excuse my shadow)

I made kitchen curtains for our last house with this material.

 It was a complete fluke that the stripes matched up down the front of the bag. 
I didn't intend to spend long on this project - I had a football match to watch. 

(Daughter has now been signed with a local Midlands city senior Ladies team - YAY!) 

That looks much better!

Goodness! Given the muck in the bottom of my old peg bag
 I wonder my clothes ever came off the line clean!

I spent several hours chopping back the hedge at the bottom of the garden - 
this is in the field at the back of the hedge and the pile of cuttings on the left 
(no, that is not also a hedge even though it looks like it) is as 
high as the hedge on the right! 

It was lovely in the late afternoon sun in the field. 

Hope you had a good weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of Yarndale posts!



  1. Wasn't it a glorious weekend. That's some serious hedge cutting!
    Nice peg bag ... that's what I need - how does so much fluff accumulate in the bottom of a peg bag, strange isn't it?!

  2. Lunch in the garden and hot buttered crumpets, two of my favourite things, wonderful. Well done to your daughter, that's a fantastic achievement. And good work on the hedge, it's quite a beast! CJ xx

  3. Very smart peg bag. I use an enamel peg bucket with holes in the bottom for drainage, but am very bad for leaving it on the line in all weathers so it became too rusty to use hygienically! Well done to your daughter,that is a great achievement x

  4. I must admit to having had a few peg bags in my time...I have a habit of leaving them out in the rain....not a good idea. Your new one is very smart. I love hot buttered crumpets....lovely photos. x

  5. I didn't go to Yarndale this year - went camping in Wicklow instead. That's a very useful make for your pegs.

  6. We love crumpets in our house. The weather does seem to be holding out, I just hope it continues for a while longer. I didn;t get to Yarndale either a clash of diaries and someone had to be home for the four paws. Still there is always next year.

  7. Love the Halloween design! Wonderful pics :)

  8. Mmm,. hot buttered crumpets, totally one of life's pleasures. Isn't making something like a new peg bag incredibly satisfying? x

  9. What a lovely weekend! Love your photos, even the buttery one :)

  10. Great new peg bag, it was time! Buttery crumpets are the best aren't they! xx

  11. I enjoyed this post, full of happy things. And now I want crumpets.

  12. It looks like a sunny and bright weekend, love your new peg bag.

  13. Now I could eat some crumpets, a great peg bag. I am a devil for leaving mine outside too.

  14. I feel like a heel. I never got loads of photos of Yarndale. There's too much to see and stroke!
    Wasn't last weekend glorious? Such a difference to this one! (Cold, dark, misty. Proper Autumn!)


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