Saturday, 17 January 2015


This is quite a nice little cross stitch chart isn't it?
 A few fairly simple little cross stitch designs of spring flowers, ideal for me to make 
another of these little spring hanging ornaments, like the chick below. 

I found this chart in one of our local charity shops, for the bargain price of 25p!
But this innocuous looking cross stitch chart has been my downfall...

Now, I am not someone to make New Year's resolutions, but I do find myself taking stock 
of my life as the end of one year approaches and a new one is beckoning. 

And for 2105 one of the thoughts I had had was that I should try not to buy anymore
crafting materials such as wools, ribbons, buttons, evenweave,
embroidery threads etc. etc. for at least one year. 

I had been managing this restraint very well (although I admit it isn't much of an achievement 
given that we are not even at the end of January yet).  When I was in town about 10 days ago
 I congratulated myself on avoiding the charity shop which has a healthy supply of crafting
materials but ... oh dear, oh dear, I went into town on Friday and found myself happily
heading for said charity shop, all plans for 2015 completely gone from my mind, and a short
 browse through the patterns found the little beauty above - I couldn't resist it!

Now I know why I don't make New Year resolutions - 
I would probably break them every year and feel a failure!!

The sock below is my current project.

 This is a phone sock for my friend. 

I knitted us both phone socks a few years ago and my friend recently replaced her phone
 and asked for a new sock. We measured my phone against hers to give me a rough idea of size - this method had worked well last time. I quickly set myself to the task, using the pattern notes I'd carefully recorded last time, but of course I'd forgotten that we now both had larger phones - doh!! 
The phone sock was too small! Silly mistake! Thankfully I had only knitted the rib but that is the trickiest bit I think - getting the 4 needles going untwisted. So I had to unpick my rows and start again - I hope it fits this time!

It's an easy project to knit sat in front of this on a cold day.

Apologies for yet another photo of our fire but we LOVE it!

Keep warm and have a good weekend

P.S Boys are back to University tomorrow - I'm convinced there is no point cleaning and tidying the house this weekend until they have gone - I'm sure you would agree ;-)


  1. I would absolutely agree on the cleaning front, you will just have to clean again. I think maybe your resolution should be no new crafting supplies unless a total bargain, so see you did not break your rule.

    1. Oh I like that rule Meredith, thank you for the great suggestion!

  2. I love your fire too!! So lovely and cosy. That cross stitch pattern is a great charity shop find.The motifs will be perfect for making cheerful decorations for spring. I'm also trying to be restrained with buying craft supplies and craft magazines. It's not easy! Yesterday I went into a fabric shop to look for quilting safety pins and left with two metres of fabric! Hope you're all having a nice weekend. And yes, I agree about not cleaning yet. Wait til next week! x

    1. Your comment made me smile Marion, I wonder what you have in mind for your fabric, you are always so productive.

  3. I tend not to clean while I have the family visiting, its a waste of time. I then have a good clean from top to bottom when they have gone, it works for me. I love your stove too its very similar to mine.

  4. Yep, don't clean a thing until those boys are gone! Lovely cross stitch, and don't worry about the New Year's resolution thing, they are made to be broken, and the sooner the better. CJ xx

  5. You did a good thing by buying from a charity shop. That definitely doesn't count as breaking a resolution :)

  6. Yes, put off the tidying until the boys return to Uni, no point in doing it twice.
    Fabulous charity shop finds. I had a little giggle with phone sock as I didn't have a clue what you mean, now I do.


  7. I think maybe buying from charity shops shouldn't count anyway, as it is for a worthy cause! I used to do a lot of cross stitch and hadn't done any for ages until just before Christmas - I made a card and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy doing it. Definitely no cleaning until the boys are gone! x

  8. I agree with these lovely ladies that charity shop bargains should not count for the new resolution. I think it's good to find balance in the things we do so as you cut down shopping on crafty supplies, you should be able to reward yourself on bargains every now and again.

    Have a great upcoming week and enjoy that fire place!
    Birgitta xx

  9. Ooh that cross stitch apron is gorgeous! I love those flowers so much. And I love your little chick ornament! He's very fuzzy :) I am very jealous of your fire stove! They always look so cozy to knit in front of.


  10. The cross stitch pattern was an absolute bargain! And it doesn't break your resolution at all. I love the phone sock; I just have never had the time to master knitting in the round.


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