Sunday, 11 January 2015

Week One!

Well I have survived "Week One" back at work, just about! 
It was far busier than I was hoping: we had two members of staff off sick
 all week and given that we are a small unit this has a huge impact on our workload. 

I have to admit that I woke up on Tuesday morning (just "Day Two" of "Week One") and 
checked with my husband that it was only Tuesday - oh boy, I was convinced/hoping it 
was Thursday - it certainly felt like it. 

But somehow I seemed to pick up as the week progressed and in the end I had quite a
 busy and productive home and social life.

Baking and cooking has occurred aplenty. Mince pies ...

 millionaire short bread (note the small piece top left, this is where I tried
 to be good and cut myself "just half")...

 (I never seem to be able to make 'pretty' millionaire shortbread, my 
pieces always end up different sizes and crumby)

 and son and I preparing fajitas for dinner.

I sent a very belated Christmas present to my friend overseas so decided to make
 it a Happy New Year present instead and trimmed my gift with a crochet flower and ribbon.

On other matters, I am always quite happy to take the Christmas decorations down and restore some sort of order to our house but you may remember I blogged at the beginning of December and January about a couple of little decorations I had made...

in particular the snowman on the right above...


and the little sheep in his scarf and hat!

I was reluctant to pack these away and decided they weren't so Christmassy that they 
needed to go away until next Christmas, but thought they probably need another decoration to 
keep them company - two isn't many is it?

So I decided to go with a distinctively winter theme for a third decoration!

I had seen this gorgeous little decoration on the blog of Le Chalet des Pérelles.

Isn't it delightful? But as I wanted a smaller decoration I decided to adapt it a little
 to cross stitch just the white tree and snowman. 

 This was an easy pattern as there were no half stitches or outlining to stitch...

so I made good progress during the week. 

And I finished the cross stitching this afternoon. I just need now to get my sewing 
machine out and complete the decoration ... as you can see below, backing fabric, 
ribbon and buttons have been chosen!

I can't wait to complete it!
 And on a completely different topic...
 - son's shoes - which as you can see were filthy! 

They needed plenty of elbow grease and shoe cream to restore them to something 
wearable and in order to give me an incentive to continue with the task and to 
help me realise quite what a good job I'd done with them, I concentrated on 
one shoe only to begin with - here's my 'before and after' comparison - looking 
at the photo I reckon I have done a pretty good job so far! 

One down, one to go!

And much of this home activity was undertaken in front of 
our stove.

We had this multifuel stove installed this summer and absolutely LOVE IT! 
It makes the room so warm and cosy and throws out a lovely golden glow. 
It encourages us all to sit together in the lounge while doing our various activities. 

NOTE: we also love the light shed by the fairy lights so decided not to put them 
away after Christmas. 
 Good job I'm not superstitious!

Have a good week

P.S. And daughter's football team won their match today 3-2, onwards in the cup competition!


  1. I looooove that little snowman, we are due snow on Wednesday, I might whip up a little snowman myself tomorrow. Thx for the link to Le Chalet des Perelles, lots of lovely pictures :) Have a good week, Jillxo

    1. would love to see your snowman too Jill. The Le Chalet blog is lovely isn't it?

  2. Lovely cross stitching. I have some Christmas ones to make too, they were a gift to me (bought by me!) from the boys. I've been cleaning football boots and trainers like mad here, the weekend always means loads of mud. But I think loads of mud also probably means a weekend well spent, so I don't mind. Well done to your daughter's football team, yay. I'm trying not to look at the picture of the millionaire's shortbread, I love it but I always eat far too much of it when I make it. I hope this week is a good one for you. CJ xx

    1. I agree CJ, muddy trainers and football boots = active children and lots of fresh air! Look forward to seeing your completed cross stitch too.

  3. I really love your latest cross stitched decoration. The combination of dark linen and white thread is beautiful. And I love your stove too. I bet it's wonderful to have one especially on stormy days like we're having (again)today. Your bakes look great too. Overall a very busy but very productive week for you. Hope things are better at work for you this week. Looking forward to seeing your finished decoration. x

    1. Thank you Marion, yes I do like the contrast of the white thread on the dark linen. Hope you have a good week!

  4. We kept our fairy lights up too, could not bear to part with them - the house always seems so dark this time of the year. Thank you for visiting my blog and saying hello :) x


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