Monday, 20 April 2015

Weekend pleasures


We all know this but sometimes it's good to remind ourselves....

'the simple things in life can give so much pleasure'

a line, full of washing in the sun... 

(oops, I might have to search a little deeper for the pleasure to be 
found in the resulting chaotic pile of ironing)

home baking: toss in cake

 home baking: quiche

 home baking: cheese straws

home baking = good things for the family to eat

   colour on the kitchen table...

  daughter's skateboard, residing in the kitchen.... 

Have a good week!


  1. You've done some great home baking there. Everything looks so delicious! I love seeing an empty or almost empty laundry basket too, but a pile of ironing? Not so much!...HAve a nice week! X

  2. What a lovely homely post. So nice to see all of that delicious baking together. I've been meaning to make a quiche recently, especially now there's a little new spinach and asparagus. Cheese straws are a favourite of mine, haven't had any for ages, you've reminded me how good they are. I like the skateboard in the kitchen. There would be people skating up and down on it if it was in my kitchen! Enjoy the rest of the week. CJ xx

  3. You are so right, I bet your home smelled divine with all that wonderful baking going on.

  4. I am now officially hungry and I've had my tea! It does all look good!

  5. You've done some great baking - looks delicious. I don't envy you that pile of ironing!

  6. Lovely baking! There's often a skateboard (or two) in my kitchen too. Hello by the way! I've popped over from Angel Jem's blog after seeing your comment.

  7. You are right, home baking and washing drying on the line rock. I can't say that the thought of all that ironing does though! xx


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