Sunday, 26 April 2015

Small solutions


I do have a "bit of a thing" about sock knitting - I think it is because much of it involves 
mindless knitting in rounds, and so even when I don't feel like tackling anything complicated
 that requires brain power and yet I still have an urge to have busy hands, I can knit socks. 

And the bonus is you get a very wearable and useful product at the end! 
And, there are some fantastic sock yarns to buy.

The other great thing about socks is that they are a very portable project, fitting into 
a small make-up bag size container.

So last Tuesday found me on a 2-hour train journey north to Leeds for a meeting, and my current sock project came with me. 

I did a bit of work ((honestly!)) on the train, then decided to get my knitting out - 
and here it is on my lap.

I was merrily knitting in rounds of 4 needles as usual when I met one problem - the
wool was almost broken in a couple of places, but I couldn't figure out why.

I persevered, just rejoining a new end of yarn as required when suddenly
................ disaster struck!

 I dropped my fifth needle down the side of my chair and couldn't see it, yet alone
retrieve it. "Oh no" I very politely thought! 

So there was no more knitting for me on either my outbound or return journey. 

So, of course, a new set of 5 x double point needles was required as I knit socks on 4 needles 
using a 5th needle to knit with. 

I ordered a new set on the Tuesday evening and of course was full 
of excitement when on Friday a package arrived for me. Here is a sneaky preview!

A strong smell of peppermint emanated from the packet and when I opened it I realised
 why.... stuck to the order confirmation was a peppermint teabag along with my 
new 5 x dpn needles, my new 20cm circular needle... and yes, some gorgeous sock
 wool that I was unable to resist buying! 

The sock yarn is gorgeous, such a deep red, this photo does not do the colour justice. 

Now I have been knitting with circular needles much more frequently over the last few months, 
in fact I use circular needles more often than straight ones now as they are so much easier 
to transport,  and I decided that I would give sock knitting on a circular needle a try -
 the needle I ordered is only 20cm long!! That's pretty tiny!

And here it is!
But, alas, I think a moth may have been at my wool .... I found many places where the 
wool was almost broken through. 

In the end I unravelled a long length of wool until I could no longer see any thin 
strands, and started knitting anew. 

And as for my tiny needle - I love it - it makes so much sense to knit socks, 
comprising a circular tube, on a circular needle, and given that the needle is so small it 
makes the project even more portable and most importantly.... I can't lose that elusive 
5th needle!

So, alls well that ends well... and, losing that 5th needle turned out to be a blessing in 
disguise etc. etc., without the loss of that needle on the train I would not now be 
knitting socks on a circular needle. 

And the knitting is so much neater with no joins between the 4 needles. 

So "Yay!" and "Hurrah!"to solutions that come in small sizes,
a tiny 20cm circular needle!

Do you knit on circular needles or do you prefer straight ones?

Have a good week!


  1. I love handknitted socks, but when I tried it I found it terribly fiddly. I guess the four needles are something you get used to, but I think I'd definitely prefer a circular one. Love your new yarn, such a gorgeous rich colour. Wishing you happy knitting. CJ xx

  2. I'm just about to start on Winwick Mums sockalong. Think I'm going to try the circular thing but I've got dpns on standby!
    Wish me luck!

  3. I like using a circular needle or even dpns. I once lost a knitting needle down the side of the seat on a ferry. No more knitting on that journey!

  4. Yes, losing that fifth needle was a crafty blessing in disguise. I only know how to knit with straight needles and even then I'm still not very good at it! Your new sock yarn is gorgeous. Enjoy using your new yarn and needle! X

  5. I've never tried dpns or circular, but I think the circular ones look less scary! xx

  6. It is so sad when we lose one of those double pointed needles right in the middle of a trip! Love your solution, the tiny circular is amazing.


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