Sunday, 17 May 2015

Resorting to using a teabag...


Our tea cosies are beginning to look a little sorry for themselves,

so I decided to knit a new one using one of my favourite yarns - Rowan Felted Tweed DK.  

I have chosen to knit said tea cosy using 3 colours,

but my goodness, this tea cosy is taking a loooong while to come together and the
fundamental problem is this....

As with us all, life is quite busy and so I most often knit when I sit down to have a cup of tea. 

Now I am a great lover of loose tea, nothing fancy mind you, just plain old loose PG Tips Tea 
(and no royalties received for giving PG Tips a little plug) 
and so my tea always comes from the teapot!

And therein lies the problem

I am making the pattern up as I go along and so when it comes to making sure the cosy fits,
the teapot is always full of hot tea just at that 
very moment when I want to try the cosy out for size. 

Not the best time to try a woolly jumper on a teapot!

As there is no way I can forfeit my cup of tea - such a sacrifice -
I've decided I'll just have to resort to a teabag in a mug for a while just so that I 
can this tea cosy finished. 

Oh, if only all life's problems were so easily sorted by resorting to the use of a tea bag!



  1. Oh dear! Maybe a second teapot would be the answer (but then you'd need to make a second tea cosy ...). I completely agree that tea is non-negotiable - it's an absolute necessity.

  2. Oh Caz you are funny! I agree you absolutely can't sacrifice your cup of tea and will have to make do with a mug for the time being. I love my loose leaf tea in a teapot as well :-) xx

  3. Using tea bags is just a little sacrifice. Just hang in there! Hopefully it won't take long to finish the cosy now and you'll soon have your tea pot back. Keep knitting!!! :-)

  4. Life is endlessly complicated isn't it. I love the colours you've chosen, and Rowan yarns are always beautiful. I shall look forward to seeing your teapot snuggled up in its new cosy. CJ xx

  5. Funny when you want to make a simple project how things get in the way and you simply must have hot tes, so the tea bag is the way to go for now.

  6. This is the answer.

    Go look and smile! Then order, and your teapot is free to fit the cosy.

    1. Ha, ha, what a great idea! Thanks for the link!

  7. I find that almost all life's problems are soothed by a teabag! the kettle is never cold in our house! X

  8. I actually think everything can be sorted with a good old cup of tea:) The cosy is looking very nice! Sure you'll have your teapot back in action in no time:)
    Kate x


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