Friday, 1 May 2015

Day tripping.....

... to Matlock

... by train

... providing time for some more mindless circular knitting of socks 
(still LOVING that cute, diddy  needle!)

 ... disembarking at quiet stations

.. climbing through pretty woods

... seeing sheep and thinking "yarn!"

... enjoying the colours of spring

... taking in distant views

... contemplating the sky above Bilberry Knoll

... marvelling at the stone mullions of a house built in 1633!

... thinking how much the chimneys remind us of rooks on a chess board!

... admiring neat allotments

... gasping at statuesque chimneys

... appreciating beautiful architecture

... salivating at scrambled eggs on toast

... wishing there was a band playing to complete this picture of the bandstand

... not being envious of canoeists on the chilly river

... enjoying more bluebells

... astonished at the cheekiness of this robin

... waiting for our transport home

... finding time for a few more stitches and, from the photo I'd taken on our outbound journey, noticing the progress I'd made so far today! 

All in the very agreeable company of eldest son!

I needed this day out. 
I am essentially an outdoor girl who hates routine, but unfortunately, since November I 
have been working in a job which entails sitting in an office, shared with just
 one other person, 4 days a week from roughly 8am until 4pm. 

This drives me stir-crazy and in truth, I'm not sure how much longer I can do it, so this day
 out in the open spaces, no routine, with lots of walking and even more laughter was sorely 
needed and a great restorative. 

Enjoy your weekend  - and here's hoping for even more sunny days 
(we have been so lucky here in the UK lately!)



  1. What a lovely day spent outdoors, even lovelier as it was spent with great company. Hope you have more outdoor days like this in the coming weeks and months. And here's hoping the weather cooperates this weekend! X

  2. I struggle with feeling trapped if I can't go out when I feel like it as well, so I understand what you mean. It looks like you had a wonderful day though, I particularly like the name Bilberry Knoll, fantastic. I hope you have a good long weekend. CJ xx

  3. sounds like a perfect day, interesting place with so much to see, and knitting too! hope your day out has revitalised you for the coming week xx

  4. What a gorgeous day, so peaceful and beautiful. Hugs,

  5. Oh, what a fabulous day you had! I love your photos... the blue sky.. that cheeky Robin... the bluebells! Glad you had fun.

  6. What a great day out and going by train feels like an adventure to me again after years of commuting. I think I would go mad stuck in an office with just one person, I imagine that can be intense at times. Loving the sock yarn colours! xx

  7. Ooooh what sock yarn is this?? Love it! Must have...will get a slapped wrist from hubby, but must have! X

    1. Hi it's Regia wool, I'm not sure whether this one is now discontinued but if you type in Regia sock wool into any search engine you'll find lots of places selling many different patterns/colours - they are great aren't they?


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