Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Projects and project bags... and Tuc!


I must start this post with an apology - it is crowded with photos of my latest project and latest project bag, because for me every project needs an inspiring, roomy, extremely portable project bag. 

Last week I very naughtily cast on a  new project - "naughtily" because I have far too many
 WIPs already. You should see the pile by my bed - I might take a photo soon 
and "own up". 

But one day last week I'd had a busy day out of the office and as I walked home from the train station I just happened to walk past my local yarn shop - how strange that my route 
home took me that way!

Anyway, I went in for a browse and suddenly decided I could knit my office colleague 
something for her baby girl due in September.

 I saw this cute pattern for a pinafore dress and cardigan. 

And I chose this gorgeous Sirdar baby bambino - it has a lovely sheen and great stitch 
definition, so definitely no mistakes allowed!

Now I do love a project bag for my knitting/cross stitch and have several cheap 
cotton tote bags - Primark is a good source of bags. 

But I'd seen the Penguin Books bags in Waterstones (I think they have been around 
a while) and fell in love with it, even though it wasn't particularly cheap. 

And once I'd married project and bag.....

well, I just loved the colour combination and couldn't stop taking photos of them.

I even found some old knitting needles in my collection with red ends - I loved them! 

It was a Bank Holiday weekend here, I took a day's annual leave and with the extra day off on Monday I had a loooong weekend and I made good progress.  

I love the label so much I still haven't removed it. 

Making good progress on the back....

...gorgeous yarn.

Oo, just another look at my new favourite project bag...

and finally a photo of our little, well in truth our "not-so-little" Tuc getting 
some exercise on the patio. 

He is soooo cute. Tuc has a hutch in the kitchen and he can see when we go outside
 and when we return with dandelion leaves 
(yes plenty of dandelion leaves in our garden!) 
he gives a big purr - just like he is saying thank you! 

Hope you had a great long weekend!


  1. Dear little Tuc, he's such a sweetie. Oh how I miss our piggie, they are such characters aren't they. I love the bag, and I really like the Penguin postcards you can get now as well. And the pinafore is going to be lovely. It's always good to cast on a new project isn't it. CJ xx

  2. Love your new project bag! And it does go perfectly with your new project which is going to be so sweet when it's finished.
    Marianne x

  3. I really like the colour and yarn you've chosen for your new project. It's going to be so adorable when it's finished. I like your new bag too. I always like a cotton tote bag, they're so useful and yours is just perfect for storing and carrying your knitting. Please say hello to Tuc from us-- he's so cute!!! X

  4. How pleasing to have a lovely new bag to go with your new project! I love that denim blue colour yarn and nice to knit something for a girl that isn't pink!!
    What a cute little piggie your Tuc is, I have got plenty of dandelions here too for him :-) xx

  5. Wow I'm very jealous of the bag, it's great! And I'm in awe of your knitting, you're so quick! The yarn looks so snuggly and the pattern is adorable :) V cute piggie too, we always had guinea pigs growing up I love their squeaky noises xx

  6. That yarn is gorgeous, I can already see a very lovely little garment emerging, and you are a very neat knitter! I saw those bags in Waterstones the other day and rather fancied one myself, I can see why you 'had' to buy it! I'm guilty of a few too many project bags myself :-D xx

  7. I like the idea of a project having its own bag, why not? And this one looks very promising, lovely yarn.

    1. Thank you Amalia, just popped over to your blog - fantastic photos!

  8. Hello, thank you for having stopped by my blog! I hope to see you again. I am now following you too so I will be back. I love your new bag and the colour of your yarn! xx


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