Thursday, 18 June 2015

Making the most of being together


Younger son is now back home from University, bringing with him a car load of possessions (debris?). If you came to our house you would know which is his bedroom - you just follow the trail of boxes and clothes and bags from the front room downstairs, along the hall, up the stairs, onto the landing and into his bedroom. 

Yesterday, we realised that a rare opportunity had risen - a chance for us to have a day together. 
I took a day's annual leave. Next week two of the younger members of the family venture
 off on work experience and inter railing. 

So we decided to visit Sir Isaac Newton's birthplace at Woolsthorpe Manor
It was in a beautiful setting and would have been idyllic years ago. 

Here are just a few photos of the day. 
Younger son trying out some of the hands-on experiments - this one comparing the 
rate of fall of balls of different weights and then a ball and feather. 

Woolsthorpe Manor. Love the warm stone. 

The tree under which Isaac sat when the apple fell and he developed his theory of gravity. 
But hey, let's check our phones! 

(I'm not sure why these photos are so grainy)

We then drove to Stamford - a very pretty town. 
We had a coffee and from my chair in the cafe I noticed a sign advertising 
a wool shop Ewe, down a jitty. 
Well, once my coffee was finished I was off! And sure enough, a purchase was 
soon made. My resolve to not buy any more yarn collapsed several months ago  - what I need is more time to actually knit the wool I have bought and then my stash would be smaller!

Sock yarn!!

Followed by football in the park - I played too for awhile but it was very humid. 

Views of Stamford

We finished the day with a meal at Pizza Express in Melton Mowbray.

As our children grow up and start on their independent lives, 
these days when we are all together become rare and extra special. 

They grow up so fast - savour those special moments together. 



  1. Far too quickly! W e too savour our family days together, it's wonderful to make memories to share together and it looks such a lovely place xx

  2. What a lovely day out, and how nice that you all managed to have the time together. Well done on the yarn purchase, you're right, what you need is more time to knit, not less yarn! CJ xx

  3. It looks like a wonderful day to have spent together!!! I don't know what the thing with the pictures is, but if you click them to view in lightbox they don't look grainy at all, it happens to mine sometimes. Wish I knew why! xx

  4. You're so right about them growing so fast, and those family times together should be treasured. I really like that photo of your two checking their phones under Newton' s tree. It made me laugh. Newton' s tree? Okay, whevs. Lol!
    Have a great weekend! X

  5. Aww you visited my town!! Ewe's my LYS and I walk across those meadows to get the train to work :) We haven't yet been to Woolsthorpe but have been meaning to, and your pictures make me want to go even more! It's so nice having that time together, I remember going home from uni and just making the most of being with my family :) have a lovely weekend! x

  6. How incredible that the apple tree is still there, and looking very healthy! I agree, grab time with our fast growing kids whilst we can X

  7. These moments certainly are a rarity in our house these days but still there are lots of exciting times a head for your family. Not been to Woolsthorpe Manor may be one for the summer.

    1. Since commenting on your post D and I had a rare day off together so whilst Adam was in school we snuck off to have a look around Woolthorpe Manor, we had a lovely visit and found the staff very knowledgeable we then stopped in Burton le Coggles for lunch. I think we may have to escape again soon.

  8. It looks like you had a great day out with your family and well done for spotting a yarn shop! I haven't been to Woolsthorpe, I'll have to put it on my list of places to visit :-) xx

  9. Looks good. I have never heard of Woolsthorpe Manor, but now it's on my 'to visit' list. I love it when you can all go out as a family. My eldest two rarely come out with us nowadays. Twins, aged 12 have no choice. They always moan, yet never want to come home when we're out.

  10. Great to get out together.


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