Friday, 12 June 2015

Old and new!


Telling today's story: a few photos and words. 
  • old fork, belonged to my dad, I do love the handle and love using this in the garden

  • new lush growth in the hedge at the bottom of the garden, mainly comprising holly and hawthorn. I have a yearly battle with this hedge, each year it makes a break for freedom and sends lots of prickly invading branches out into my garden and I and my secateurs make battle! 
  • old nest, abandoned just a few weeks ago by a family of blue tits. I love watching the parents darting in and out of the box with food. I daren't spend too long in the garden near the box when the parents are so busy for fear of frightening them away.

looks so cosy - and has about as many cobwebs round the ceiling as in my house!
I wonder if they use the same excuse as me, 
"too busy caring for the family to bother about cobwebs"!

  • new growth from our "conker" trees
  • we have three horse chestnut trees grown from conkers, I've always enjoyed coaxing "new" plants from seeds, pips and cuttings
  • my old Pip Book, bought many years ago. I was still at secondary school when I bought this - it cost the huge sum of 70p! Sentimentality means I just can't get rid of it! 

  • old and new: you may wonder what on earth this photo is about - it is my daughters "old" school uniform, discarded inside her bedroom door, removed as soon as she got home today following her final GCSE exam today 
  • so this is now her "old" uniform and we are already thinking about a "new" school phase - 6th form beckons!! How can that possibly be?  We saw daughter's old child minder just yesterday - she had a fantastic time with her!
  • new magnifier and light for my cross stitch
  • complete with new cross stitch kit. Oh my goodness, this has an obvious festive theme - no pressure then to get it finished before Christmas!!

Wishing you a happy weekend whatever your plans
 - and thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts and comment!


  1. What a lovely post. I bet your daughter is happy to have finished her exams, I hope they went well, and discarded her uniform. My eldest has 24 days of primary education left, so he tells me, then he'll be discarding his uniform for a new one. I LOVE the Pip Book, just the sort of thing I would have liked when I was little, I was always planting things to see if they'd grow. CJ xx

  2. I really like your magnifier and light. They must make a whole lot of difference when you're stitching or knitting in the evening especially in the winter months. I might get one of those for me too, or maybe ask Santa.. Well done to your daughter for completing her exams. I hope she'll lik her 'new' school. Good luck! .I'll show my girls the photos of the birds' nest. I'm sure they'll love it. Have a nice weekend! X

  3. Congrats to your daughter, big times ahead for her. Love your old and new post today.

  4. Another great step for your daughter congratulations, a new chapter begins. Love the colour of the yarn and the new cross stitch set is a stunner. Despite the prickles I loved the hedge with the holly.

  5. lovely post! quite a mixture of the current season and a future colder one!
    Cant wait to see how that lovely cross stitch develops! x

  6. Your new cross stitch is gorgeous!!! I look forward to seeing more. How great for your daughter to be moving on to 6th Form, I hope that she loves it. Your pip book sounds fascinating!!! Hope you are having a good weekend. xx

  7. Wonderful post, and I love your cross stitch kit! :)

  8. Interesting post, phew to exams being over xx

  9. I love your old fork - and your hedgerow photo looks just like our front hedge, which my husband has been battling for the last few days. Good luck with the transition to 6th form ... change comes thick and fast as they grow up!

  10. I love horse chestnuts, but have honestly never considered growing one from a conker! I absolutely must to it this year! What a fabulous idea. The 'pip' book cover is fabulous, I do love a cross-section! X

  11. Very interesting! Hope you get your cross-stitch done on time. I'm sure you will. You wouldn't procrastinate about something like that.

  12. Hurrah for your daughter for finishing her exams! That birds nest looks rather cosy, doesn't it? We've got sparrows nesting under the eaves, they're very noisy!

  13. we have a pile of discarded uniform from the last day of GCSE's too. it's a lovely feeling! x


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