Monday, 8 June 2015

A weekend in June ...

... in photos


  • A day spent in Ashbourne with a very old friend and a trip to the wool shop to buy her daughter some yarny gifts for her birthday (oo, such fun, her daughter will be 12 and it is great to have the chance to encourage a young budding knitter)
  • While I was in the shop I spotted these balls of DMC Natura cotton, a yarn I love, and as they were reduced to £2 a ball I bought 3. Oops, when I got home I realised I already had  the coral and blue but I bravely did not let it dampen the joy of my purchase!

  • In an effort to lose a little bit of weight gained over the last few sedentary months in my new job I am trying to make sure I do at least 10,000 steps a day, this often means a walk up to the woods every evening. This was the view we had on Friday - stunning!


  • Early morning coffee: we do love going in to town early and treating ourselves to a coffee and croissant in Caffe Nero. The cafe is in the centre of town and on a Saturday morning you have the added bonus of watching the market come to life - a very relaxed start to the weekend.

  • Finished this little dress for my office colleague who is expecting a little girl in September. 

  • the colour is actually more of a denim blue. It's quite a pretty pattern but I'm a bit concerned that the neck hole is a bit small for a baby's head - they might end up wrestling it over her head!

  • Sunday morning cycle ride: this is such a restorative to me. When I set off I thought I would do a short half hour ride but ended up cycling for almost 2 hours - covering about 18 miles.
  • Looking towards Bradgate Park and Old John. 

  • Views from Cropston reservoir to Bradgate Park. 

  • Feeling so good to be outside in the country. 

  • Letting my thoughts wander - mainly on how to deal with my job which I'm finding far too stressful. 
  • Slightly apprehensive this week as last Sunday I came the closest ever to being knocked off my bike. Thankfully I am very aware of traffic and make every effort to make eye contact with drivers to ensure I know they have seen me. However this particular driver slowed down as she came towards the junction and then proceeded to speed up straight towards me as I cycled up a main road. She did stop, to her credit, but her excuse for not seeing me was that she was tired (it was 9.30am Sunday morning) and it had been raining! I wear a bright yellow fluorescent jacket - how can she not have seen me? 

  •  A lovely open road to cycle along....

  • And a tunnel of trees to cycle through....

  • I finally blocked this table runner, but now I've finished it I think it looks too wintery so I'm not sure how long it will stay on the table 

  • And a final walk up to the Outwoods on Sunday evening, my photos are testament to the number of beautiful clear sunny evenings we have had over the last few weeks. 

Thanks for getting to the end of this post - as you can see, nothing very exciting happened with me!!

I hope you had a great weekend. 

Wishing you a good week!


  1. Cycling can be dangerous can't it. I used to cycle to work in central Bristol and I had so many near misses. It looks like a gorgeous place for a ride where you are though. I always feel so much more positive after a cycle through the countryside. Sorry your job is stressful, I do hope it settles down. The new yarn is lovely, I think it's a good thing that you already had a couple of them, now you have enough to make something bigger! I like the sound of your Saturday morning watching the market come to life, lovely.l Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

  2. I love the dress you knitted for your expectant friend,my knitting skills are basic to say the least!
    Gorgeous photos.I hope you have no more incidents with unobservant car drivers.

  3. Nothing exciting happened but a lovely weekend nonetheless. Your knitted table runner looks great and the baby girl's dress is beautiful. You've done a wonderful job there. Sorry to hear about the cycling incident though. Glad to hear you were unharmed. You do have some beautiful cycle routes where you are. I love your Saturday mornings. It sounds very pleasant and relaxing. I'm a bit jealous of your yarn bargains. They're great colours and only £2 per ball!!! Would love to know what you'll make with them. X

  4. You've done lots of fun things! My husband does a lot of cycling and I'm always worried when he's out. He had a very nasty fall a while ago but thankfully no vehicles involved. The wee dress is gorgeous. Funny, I tried this afternoon to photograph a shawl I've just started crocheting. It's denim blue but the colour in the photo was way off.

  5. Sorry to hear about your near miss, it must have been quite frightening for you. Glad that you are OK though. Your new yarn is very nice, I like the colours and it looks like great yarn to work with too! xx

  6. All,your knits are very lovely, the table runner is so unusual. A frightening experience coming into such close contact with a car on your cyle, at least she stopped and apologised. X

  7. Yarny gifts are the best gifts, even when you treat yourself :-)

  8. That's such a sweet little dress, your friend will be thrilled, I'm sure. I didn't know about the yarn shop in Ashbourne, it's not too far from here, I shall have to pay a visit! :-)

  9. It sounds like a lovely weekend :) I hope you feel less stressed about your job soon. I love the cute little dress and the knitted table runner is gorgeous! Lovely pics of the countryside too x


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