Friday, 4 September 2015

The Yorkshire Dales


A long bank holiday weekend in the Yorkshire Dales...

Malham Cove

                               Ribbleshead Viaduct on Settle-Carlisle railway line

                                                            Settle station


Carlisle Cathedral - 
the later addition to the original Norman structure, 
the arch where the organ pipes are now sited is not centrally positioned. 
Was this a deliberate decision? 
Stunning ceiling.  

Settle station at sunset.


Considering how much we love the countryside I can't believe that we had not yet had a holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. After last weekend I now realise what I have been missing. So much wide open space, stunning vistas, picturesque villages (and each one with it's own wool/craft shop!!) and countless walks.  

It is hard to beat an early morning cycle ride in the Dales, the roads were almost deserted. 

It all made coming back to the Midlands pretty tough. 

Have a great weekend


  1. Wow, what a glorious part of the world. Beautiful photos, I'm glad you had such a good time. CJ xx

  2. It is a beautiful place to visit. Thank you for taking us along.

  3. What beautiful Yorkshire moments!!! We have never had a holiday there, someday we must as it really is stunning, your photos show that beautifully!! xx

  4. It is beautiful isn't it? Your photos show it off wonderfully xx

  5. Ah, beautiful Yorkshire! I miss the Dales loads. They were a lovely place to go for a day out, and only an hour away from Leeds. Isn't Malham Cove just amazing? Your photos are great, looks like you had a brilliant holiday. x

  6. Your photos are beautiful! I now want to visit the Yorkshire Dales too. A few years ago we were on our way to the Lakes and planned to stop in Settle but we got a bit lost and ended up stopping in Saltaire instead. Saltaire is lovely but I still want to visit Settle one day and the other towns around it. Hope you're having a nice start to the week. Take care! X

  7. The Yorkshire Dales area is one of my favourite places on earth, and I would like to live there one day. My husband and I had a weekend very close to where your photographs were taken a few weeks ago, and loved every minute. I particularly like the photograph of the hen! X

  8. The organ pipes arch looks like someone had designed and started building when his (sexist comment) wife came along and said she wanted a bigger space.


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