Monday, 19 October 2015

Out and about and at home.....

It's been a funny few weeks. We have been out and about quite a bit and yet had odd quiet
days at home, nursing colds and catching up on long-overdue DIY jobs while daughter has been absent for some considerable time, enjoying the start of half term with her friends.
So this is another post of photos with few words.
Pure gold! Early morning sunlight at work.  

Woke one Sunday morning to find that autumn had arrived overnight,
heralded by the first fallen leaves of the season. 

A visit to Sheffield to spend a few precious hours with my two sons.

Secondary schools cross country race, daughter competing.

View of Exeter and beyond from my hotel room (attending a conference).
Boy was it a loooong train journey to Exeter!

Enjoying supersized raspberries for breakfast.

Snapping a photo of my new bag on the train to send to my friend who treated me to it
- love the colour and it's a great reminder of a super day we enjoyed in London.

A pre-match walk in a country park.
We are on the top of a hill here - the ground drains so badly because we are walking
on slag heaps. This country park has been developed on the site of a disused colliery
in North Nottinghamshire. It's quite sad to think of all the activity  and economic prosperity
this "country park" once offered.
Back in the 1980s I was one of many who wrote to Thatcher urging her to keep the mines open - but to no avail. Little did I know that one day I would be walking on one of these sites.

Colliery lagoons, now a haven for wildlife.

Watching daughter play football - as captain of her team.

Taking possession of a new coastal cottage.
A charming little two up, two down with roses around the door....

... that will fit nicely on the hearth.

My latest project, that is now progressing well.

Gorgeous yarn, including Wesley Bob for my next project.

Just need a mantelpiece now to hang my stocking from (once it's started and finished!)

Enjoying the late evening sun in the garden.

Life viewed through the bottom of my wine glass!

Sorry this is another mismatch of photos - sometimes I am enjoying somewhere or something
 too much to want to spend too much time looking through a camera lens and hence I end up
taking one or two snaps of a whole host of things. 

But actually this post is a great representation of my life:
work, knitting, reading, watching sport, walking, train rides, and spending time with the family but most definitely not in that order.

Have a good week and enjoy half term if it is half term with you.
We are off camping for a couple of days on Wednesday -
can't wait for that outdoor cooking and sleeping!


  1. Hope you have a great few days away and that camping will be on the agenda. The weather forecast is predicting dropping temperatures. Love the beautiful pattern and yarn for the Christmas stockings. Take care.

  2. Hello,
    I'm so happy I clicked on your blog after visiting Jacquie's.
    The name intrigued me as I am contemplating doing my first Wainwright's walk...
    I've enjoyed your posts tremendously!
    Thank You~

  3. I think it is a great mix-match of all things you have going on. Love the yarn colors and the view from the wine glass.

  4. A lovely stream of photos, as you say it's a great reflection of life. I hope you have a fantastic time camping. CJ xx

  5. Lovely photos - the first one is really great. I love the yarn you've got and those Christmas stockings look gorgeous. It's very sad that the coal mines closed. Where I live there were no coal mines but the shipyard closed. Same sort of thing.

  6. I've enjoyed looking at your photos. The first one is just brilliant, and I'm so impressed with how sporty your daughter is. I hope her team did well and she's happy with her run at the race. I remember you posted about a buying a kit to make a knitted or crocheted little house. Is it all finished now? It's adorable! I really like the little details and I'd love to see a photo of it on your hearth. Have a great time camping!

    1. You have a good memory Marion, it is some months since I bought the kit. Will find a photo of "the cottage on the hearth" xx

  7. Lovely photos to reflect what you have been up to! I love your new coastal cottage! xx

  8. A lovely set of photo's reflecting days in your life. Sometimes life just gets in the way and these photo's show us all how busy you are. Lovely little house.

  9. These young women look so strong and focused. Such a message of hope.

  10. Your new des res is adorable.
    This is a lovely mish mash post about life and such a good idea, a snap here and there to sum up life is such a good way of recording all the things we get up to,
    Lisa x


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