Wednesday, 11 November 2015



November, what an unseasonably mild month it has been. 

November, means it really is time to crack on with Christmas crafts. This Osen stocking 
is proving a lot of fun to knit. 

I'm using Baa Ram Ewe's Titus  yarn. I also used this yarn for 
my Whitlam Cowl and maybe I just had a dud skein of Yorkstone but 
I was a little unhappy with it. The yarn had been spliced several times and I 
ended up with 4 balls of variable sizes. Not particularly satisfying.

So I bought Chevin (green), White Rose and Wesley Bob (red) with a bit of trepidation - 
but no fear! After balling each of the 3 skeins I ended up with 2 equal sized balls of each colour!

This would make a fantastic festive hat wouldn't it?

Progress has temporarily been halted while I wait for a small circular needle in the 
appropriate size to land on my door mat.
In the meantime I have just started to crochet the first of several small 
bags for Christmas gifts. 

We like to have reading material close at hand to our kitchen/dining table, something
 to fill our brains while filling our stomachs. For months these books and magazines
have sat on the end of the worktop by the table, their untidiness annoying me. But no longer! 
They are now neatly stacked in a wall-mounted magazine rack. I'm really pleased with it, 
and with my new book 'Student World Atlas', a super book full of facts, ideal for just 
dipping into for a few minutes. 

How beautiful our carillon looks through the autumn leaves.
This was built after WWI to commemorate those who gave their lives in the war. 

For the size of our town we have a very large event held here on Remembrance Sunday, 
with poppies dropped from the top of the carillon. 

And for those of you who are interested, here is a definition of a carillon from wikipedia:

carillon is a musical instrument that is typically housed in the bell tower (belfry) of a church or municipal building. The instrument consists of at least 23 cup-shaped bells, which are played to produce a melody. A traditional manual carillon is played by striking a keyboard with the fists.  

A walk in the city on a Sunday morning while daughter warms up for football. 

We tend to walk the same route as we know where we can buy coffee at the end with just 
enough time while daughter warms up. I love the mix of city life and buildings we see on 
this walk: light commercial, residential, 

and even the empty buildings have some beauty.  

We could be in the middle of the country here, rather than in a city, 
with the tram line passing behind me. 

Ummm, coffee at McDonalds - oh, we know how to treat 
ourselves on a Sunday morning when it's a home match!

November, and the fair has arrived in town! 
And I mean right in the centre of town - how unusual is that!

It brings congestion, confusion, empty shops 
but also bright lights, heart-thumping music, candy floss and happy faces!

November, with a huge fireworks display at the town's University and firework
 toffee made by my husband (ideal for expanding waistlines and removing loose teeth)
 .... yes, I like November!!



  1. Oh what a wonderful post!
    It's so nice to travel to your neck of the woods.
    What you are doing is really close to a Project Life ;)
    Thank You for sharing and making me smile!

  2. Lovely crochet, happy fall from Belgium

  3. Wonderfull fotos in this article.

  4. What a wonderful autumn post. Are you enjoying Alexander McCall Smith? Someone else recommended him the other day, I think I may give him a try. CJ xx

  5. Ooh very autumnal, Caz, great photos. We looked all over for bonfire toffee, could we find any anywhere? That Titus yarn would indeed make a very festive hat! xx

  6. What a full start to the month you've had.
    Funfairs bring back so many happy memories, the smell of the food stalls takes me straight back!
    I want a coffee with a cute reindeer face on the cup.
    Lisa x

  7. Such a great post, filled with fun. There is nothing like a fairground and a food stall to take you back to your childhood.

  8. So many lovely things happening for you, so good of you to share them with us! Your knitting is beautiful!!! Father Christmas will be very pleased to deliver gifts to such a beautiful stocking! xx

  9. Hello, Caz, and thank you for this wonderful post! Lovely photos. The Christmas stocking will be really beautiful (love the red you have chosen for the project) but what is that very cute, light blue little house? The photo of the books is another favourite of mine.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. This is a great post! Your knitting is gorgeous. I bet the Rememberance service is spectacular with poppies falling from the Carillion xx

  11. I love your knitting- you're so clever! I also like your magazine rack. It's functional and trendy at the same time. Hope November continues to be a good month for you. Have a cosy and safe (and not too rainy) weekend! X

  12. Your knitting is beautiful!!! I am in awe - really wish I could knit, especially for Christmas :) And the magazine rack is very inspiring - we have a huge stack of travel magazines that need a home, this looks perfect :) I have just started a job in the uni in your town - I sadly didnt make it to the fair but it sounded wonderful :) We are also looking to move to a village on the outskirts in the North in the new year - it's a small world!! Have a lovely week xx

  13. Your knitting is beautiful. I am waiting for yarn to arrive to start a cabled scarf, I have never knitted cables before and am looking forward to the challenge. I like your magazine rack, and the picture in conjures up of everyone reading at the table! If I had a rack like that my family would just cram more and more stuff into it until it fell off the wall. Your family is perhaps a little more disciplined! x


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