Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Yarn along....stockings and The Heartbreaker!


Well I've been a bit quiet recently but I'm still reading and knitting, and today I'm joining
 in with Ginny's yarn along

Here I am reading 'The Heartbreaker' by Susan Howatch.  I've had this book on my shelf 
for a while (as you can see from the photo it is looking a little jaded) and as I'm trying to 
have a de-clutter I decided this was a book I would read and then pass on. I am quite 
enjoying it but I certainly would not bother reading it a second time so I'm just happy 
that I know this isn't going back on the shelf - yay, a bit of space cleared! 

The only downside is that I was about half way through this book when I realised that it is 
the third of a trilogy and that I have the two earlier books also on my shelf and of course 
haven't read either!! Doh! I was too far through this one to put it to one side to start with 
the first book, so I am resigned to reading them in the wrong order, oh well....

As for my knitting, I've just started my 4th (of 5) Osen Christmas stocking. Each is knitted 
in a different colour way in gorgeous Titus yarn, although I'm not sure this is quite an Osen 
stocking as I have changed the Fairisle pattern to my own design. Hopefully, as it is only 
just July, I should get stockings 4 and 5 completed in time for Christmas!

Happy knitting and/or reading!


  1. Love that you are making Christmas stockings in July :) I think I will join in with ginnys yarn along next week, a fun way to find lots of other great blogs :)

  2. Such a great idea to start Christmas early, no stress in December suits me too.

  3. I clicked throughh to the stocking pattern and it is absolutely beautiful. I need to have a good clear out of my bookcase too. It is groaning under the weight of so many books. X

  4. That sneaky third volume, standing at the front of the queue.

  5. You're more decided than me, I think I'd probably clear a bit more space and get rid of all 3 if I'd started in the wrong order!
    Good luck with the knitting, countdown begins!
    Lisa x

  6. Oooo!! that has happened to me and I get very confused with the order of the Harry Potter books, you are very disciplined to decide that this one is going. I love how organised you are with your Christmas preparations xx


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