Friday, 15 July 2016

Five on Friday.....treats!!


We've all seen these blog posts before - a parcel of yarny-goodness arrives which sends 
the  recipient into raptures! I'm happy to admit that I am one of those people, a ball
of yarn makes me very happy!

So, this is a bit of a warning, if you are not into yarn-filled parcels you may wish to 
finish reading now

So....this week I attended a 2-day course in Oxford, and I returned home on Wednesday 
evening to two parcels, yes two parcels. The first was a bit of an extravagant buy. I had 
seen the making bookzine on blogger and instagram posts and thought it looked great
but sadly I couldn't find anywhere in the UK with copies still in stock so I decided to 
buy a copy from the US. It arrived very promptly and beautifully packaged and it 
hasn't disappointed. It's one of those bookzines I can just browse numerous times, 
without even making anything from it! 

Making has some beautiful knitted, cross stitch, needle felting, sewing projects and even
 more...with, as you might expect, some beautiful photography. 
Two of my favourite projects are this cowl

and this cardigan and hat. 

I'll have to make sure that I am a bit quicker off the mark with hitting the 'buy'
 button when making no. 2 is published!

My second parcel was from Meadow Yarn. I have been eyeing this book Toasty volume 2 
by Rachel Coopey for some time offering a selection of gorgeous and fun patterns for hats, 
and the odd scarf and pair of mittens. 

I also bought 2 more skeins of Baa Ram Ewe's Titus yarn - this time shades Aire and Filey. 

And ooo, how lovely my new shades look with my Titus remnants, lots of ideas in my head. 
And looks my holiday knitting might almost be sorted.... but on the other hand there are 
some lovely new Titus shades just launched!

I'm joining in with Amy's Five on Friday - thank you for hosting Amy!

Are you expecting any parcels? It is fun to receive them isn't it? 
Have a good weekend. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Yarn along....stockings and The Heartbreaker!


Well I've been a bit quiet recently but I'm still reading and knitting, and today I'm joining
 in with Ginny's yarn along

Here I am reading 'The Heartbreaker' by Susan Howatch.  I've had this book on my shelf 
for a while (as you can see from the photo it is looking a little jaded) and as I'm trying to 
have a de-clutter I decided this was a book I would read and then pass on. I am quite 
enjoying it but I certainly would not bother reading it a second time so I'm just happy 
that I know this isn't going back on the shelf - yay, a bit of space cleared! 

The only downside is that I was about half way through this book when I realised that it is 
the third of a trilogy and that I have the two earlier books also on my shelf and of course 
haven't read either!! Doh! I was too far through this one to put it to one side to start with 
the first book, so I am resigned to reading them in the wrong order, oh well....

As for my knitting, I've just started my 4th (of 5) Osen Christmas stocking. Each is knitted 
in a different colour way in gorgeous Titus yarn, although I'm not sure this is quite an Osen 
stocking as I have changed the Fairisle pattern to my own design. Hopefully, as it is only 
just July, I should get stockings 4 and 5 completed in time for Christmas!

Happy knitting and/or reading!