Monday, 15 September 2014

A warm September weekend saw me...

I do love that feeling on a Friday, around 5pm, when you know you have the whole weekend in front of you to look forward to. A whole two and more days of endless possibilities.

And this September has been so beautifully warm that this weekend, my Friday evening saw me....

... cutting back our Leylandii tree and discovering lots of footballs underneath. I am not a great 
fan of these hedges but it makes a good barrier between us and our neighbours and stops 
a few balls from going into their garden!

 ... hanging out the washing in the evening knowing that it will dry the next day 
(I've never worked out why I get such pleasure from hanging my washing out late in the day -
 I've even been known to hang it out in the dark!)

  ... enjoying a glass of Prosecco and a read of my book - for it to be warm enough to do this sat outside early evening in September is a rare bonus.

 ... watching the sun go down behind the trees at the end of the field.

 ... and Saturday was warm enough for me to wear shorts while watching daughter run 
the first cross country league race of the season.

 ... calling at a garden centre on the way home for a coffee and finding some treasures in their antiques barn including the pliers above that daughter fell in love with.

 ... and the basket I fell in love with,
... which I decided was ideal for my magazines and knitting. 
I LOVE the shape - tall and rectangular, a little bit unusual.

... making the most of the warm weather to catch up on some gardening.
I think I may start again with this overgrown corner. I'm not sure that it is possible to even
 work out what is going on in this corner.

 ... collecting a few things together for younger son's imminent departure to university.

.... this has also meant buying in a few supplies.

 Please note the bottle of bleach - I forgot to buy one for older son when he first went off 
to university and considering that they have en-suite facilities I soon learnt that I had 
made a grave omission, enough said!

I hope you had a good weekend


  1. What gorgeous vintage finds!! And I love a spot of gardening when the weather permits! X

  2. I love that Friday evening feeling too. It sounds like a lovely weekend. I'm off to tackle the garden in a minute, although it's very damp and dewy out there and I'm a bit scared of all the frogs. I shall take a deep breath and get on with it though. The basket is wonderful, what a great find. I hope I stumble across one soon too. Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

  3. I love those vintage pliers, they were definitely made to last! The basket is lovely too, such a great shape. I hope you son has a great time at uni. Have a good week.
    Jane x

  4. Oh I love Friday's from morning until night, they are precious days that lead into the weekend. Looks like you got loads accomplished at a nice pace that included wine and reading, that sounds perfect to me,

  5. I'm loving Fridays too especially now that Markie has started school. I feel a bit more relaxed knowing there's no early start and school runs for the next two days. I like those old pliers too and your basket is just the perfect shape for holding magazines. Great finds both of them...Hope you're having a lovely week! x

  6. The bag of Uni supplies looks very familiar, although you had prior experience and I can see a few things in that bag which I forgot!


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