Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Yarn along: Queen Victoria and "brushed winter cotton"

I work in one of those frustrating offices which is stifling hot in the summer and cold, with chill breezes in the winter. So last year I knitted myself a shawl to keep at work and I LOVE it! It has been so useful, I just throw it over my shoulders when I'm sat at my desk and feeling cool, and throw it off again when I need to leave the office. 

So I then thought I would probably make good use of one at home too - I work at home quite regularly and it's easy to get cold when sat still at a desk working. 

The first shawl I knitted using Sirdar Freya in First Frost 851, a blue colour (as the name suggests!) I do enjoy knitting with this wool  - it is light to knit with, a bit fluffy and very warm. Sirdar describe it thus:

"Freya is Sirdar's beautifully soft, brushed winter cotton. This gorgeous yarn comes in a range of gentle tweedy colours." 

 So when I was in Filey last week and was browsing in a great craft shop there called The Beachcomber, it took me very little time to choose 4 more balls of Sirdar Freya for my next shawl, but this time I chose grey, Gosling 857.

I cast on last night. For my first shawl, I made up a simple pattern and as it resulted in a shawl I was happy with, I am following the same pattern. It is such a quick knit for me too. Perfect!

And as for my book, I am reading "Queen Victoria, her life and times 1819-1861" by 
Cecil Woodham-Smith which I am enjoying very much. 

Joining in once again with Ginny's yarn along


  1. That yarn looks very soft. Love the color and your pattern.

  2. Your shawl looks like it will be lovely. I've seen that yarn online and wondered what it is like in real life. My office is air conditioned - freezing in the summer and even colder in the winter. I keep a cardigan in work but I should really do myself a nice shawl.

  3. I love the yarn. I feel the same way about my shawls. I just love wearing them.

  4. Lovely yarn. I'm a big fan of shawls, can't have too many. CJ xx

  5. That yarn looks lovely - so soft and snuggly!

  6. Am thinking I might just need a grey shawl. Yours is lovely. Will look into that yarn you are using.

  7. The yarn you've chosen looks very soft and warm, just perfect for a shawl. I'd like to make one too and also in that lovely grey colour you've chosen. It's now in my very long list of things I'd like to make. x

  8. That color is gorgeous and the yarn look soft and wonderful. Good luck with the shawl.

  9. The yarn for your shawl looks beautiful, so soft and tactile...looking forward to seeing the finished item.
    Marianne x

  10. That yarn looks very soft and warm. Looking forward to see the finished shawl.

  11. I love the idea of making a shawl just to keep at work - a blanket would be too much, but a shawl is perfect. I really like the colour of that yarn. x

  12. Lovely yarn, looks so soft. My shawl was my big surprise this year, I've worn it far more than I thought I would. Looking forward to seeing yours finished. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Jane x


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