Sunday, 29 March 2015

A lack of photos!


Yes, the title says it all, I am suffering from a severe lack of photos this week.
 I do admire those bloggers who manage to capture so many of their moments
 throughout the week. My excuse is that this week has been particularly busy, this time
with work, a bit stressful too with trying to finish a report. As a result, little has been
done other than me sitting at this desk in the corner, surrounded by papers, two computer
 screens, a cup of tea and a few empty cups!
Daughter has been in the Peak District this weekend for her Duke of Edinburgh practice
silver expedition - the weather has been awful, especially today - which isn't so
bad if it's the last day of the hike, it's bearable knowing you will be home later today
with warm dry clothes, a warm, dry bed and a hot meal cooked for you.

UPDATE: daughter home, every item of clothing and bedding WET!
This is a photo I took of the rain pelting down here earlier today, and my poor soggy
washing hanging limp!

I'm still catching up on all the washing sons brought back from University.
A little bit of crafting has occurred this week, mainly last night.
Younger son was a bit put out that I'd cross stitched a little ornament for his
brother, posted here, but nothing for him.... this is what I have cross stitched for him which I will make into yet another hanging ornament.
 I have had this cowboy pattern for years, and I probably cross stitched it as a birthday card for
 one of the boys at some time. These little patterns are a great way of using up odd scraps of thread.
Today I got some of my Easter decorations out - it can't be a year since I last got them out, can it??
This is a little house which you may have seen on my blog before, based on a pattern
 by the talented Helen Phillips, here is a link to her blog.

And here is another one of my ornaments....

And these are two very cute tins that I bought from John Lewis a couple of years ago which I
always get out at Easter, but looking at them again I don't think they have to be just for Easter.
The illustrations are by Racey Helps - you can find out more about him here.

 I have several postcards of illustrations by Racey Helps and also a couple of books -
 I just love the detail and the pictures are just so cute!
Well, that's it for now - not much to report as you can see.

Wishing you all a great week!


  1. I bet you're glad to have your daughter back, and I bet she's very happy to be back too! Good luck with all that washing. Lovely Easter decorations, it makes me think I should have some special things for this time of year as well. I'm working on a cross stitch, on and off, I need to try harder to finish it I think. I hope you have a lovely week. CJ xx

  2. The wind's been good enough to dry washing today... as long as you don't mind it flying everywhere! The part I hate most about people being away is the washing afterwards!
    I love your Easter decorations; I should get mine out but the children don't finish until Thursday and it feels wrong to decorate when we're still at school!

  3. I love your cross stitched Easter decorations. The colours and motifs are so pretty. The little cowboy is cute. I really like that your sons appreciate handmade stitched things. I think it's great. Well done to your daughter for completing the expedition in horrible weather. Hope you're making progress with all that washing. Wishing you a lovely rest of the week! X

  4. Yes, weather in the Peak District was horrific on Sunday, I can vouch for that. Absolutely unbelievable, your poor daughter, having to be out in it!
    Lovely Easter decorations :-) xx


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