Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Answering a distress call: yarn along


Thank you for all your comments to my "yarn along" post last week. 

Some of you asked what I thought to the book I was reading 
'The Mitfords: Letters between Six Sisters' and I have to admit that I have 
abandoned it, at least for now but maybe forever. 

I found it quite hard going reading the letters, keeping track of who was writing 
to who, and as it was a huge book I realised it would take me some time 
to finish it. From reading a portion of the letters you can glean an idea of 
their style of writing and their personalities and I think that is sufficient for me. 

by Mary S. Lovell and I think if you are interested in learning about the Mitford sisters this would be my first recommendation. 

So I have moved onto Ian McEwan's The Child in Time. I have found this quite challenging to read in parts with detailed descriptions of issues I have not considered before, but I have also found it amusing, insightful and sad. 

And as to my "answering a distress call" - a few years ago, on a whim, I knitted 
my work colleague a phone sock, and I have to admit it always surprised me quite 
how much she loved it, so when she changed her phone she asked me to 
knit her a new, slightly larger sock, which I was more than happy to do. 

However, a couple of weeks ago I received a 'distress' text from my colleague saying 
she had lost her sock and would I knit her a new one. Of course, once again I was 
more than happy to oblige and so here I am knitting a new one! 

Joining in with Ginny's yarn along on a much-drier-than-forecast Wednesday. 



  1. Love the phone sock! And the new book looks good x

  2. A phone sock, how lovely. And what pretty yarn. Lucky friend, I know she will love it. CJ xx

  3. It's so nice to make something and someone love it so much. Book looks interesting, may be one to try xx

  4. Well you can't ignore a distress call like that can you. I don;t do well with biographies these days I much prefer a storyline, I have however just finished the third offering by Stephen Fry. It was good but I thought the first two were better.

  5. I think you are right to abandon a book you are not enjoying. Quite right to answer the distress call for a new phone sock, and shows how much she loved the first one to want another! X

  6. That yarn is going to make a splendid phone sock - gorgeous.

  7. I used to find it quite difficult to leave a book half-way read. Plodding along took all the fun out of reading. These days, if I can't get into it, it's gone. There are so many good books out there.

  8. I just love it when someone asks me to make something for them.

  9. I hope you're enjoying your new book as well as this new phone sock you're making for your friend. Would love to see your tea cosy when it's finished. Have a great week! X

  10. What a great friend - I bet the phone sock will be much loved! Thanks for the Mitford Sisters update, I'll have to check it out :) I can't believe we work/study in the same place, it's a small world! A beautiful campus, it's what hooked me 10 years ago :) x

  11. Love the color yarn, hope this book is better for you too.


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