Wednesday, 9 September 2015

One messy cosy: Six Mitford sisters. Yarn along


Well I'm still struggling with my tea cosy - I feel I have been knitting this for 
many months and it is taking me far longer than it should. 

My problem is that I need to have an empty pot to use as a model, 
and an empty pot is rarely seen in our house. 

Also, I need a good hour or two to really crack on and get the 
pattern sorted, but at the moment I never seem to find that elusive hour or two! 

 So while I do battle with my tea cosy I'm reading The Mitfords: letters between sisters.

What an interesting family, especially the close links of some family members with Hitler.
 It makes fascinating reading. 

Joining in with Ginny's Yarn along.

Best wishes


  1. The Mitfords were a mad family! Let me know whether the book's worth reading in the end!

  2. A full teapot is a very good thing. I'm sure your teapot will be cosy in the end, it looks deliciously warm. An interesting read no doubt, I like to read people's letters, they're endlessly fascinating. CJ xx

  3. You've been busy! The colors for your cosy are lovely. I have a few projects along those lines, it seems if I haven't finished something in a fairly timely manner, I start losing interest, but am getting so much better about making myself finish them . A good thing, I suppose, to be able to exercise a smidge of discipline by 42, haha (blush)! It does seem to boil down, though to that elusive hour or two to just focus, and it's so hard to find. I don't think I've ever heard of the Mitfords, they sound very intriguing! Must look that book up. I do look forward to seeing what you think of it.

  4. I like the cosy in progress. And the book. My parents had books by Nancy Mitford, I've only ever read one and funnily enough it was titles 'My Turn to Make the Tea'.

  5. Love the cosy! I hope that you can get it finished soon! xx

  6. I'm sure you will get there and the next ta dah moment will be your tea cosy in all it's glory.

  7. I really like the wool you have chosen for your tea cosy, I sympathise with the never-cold teapot. Our house is a bit like that too. X

  8. Love the colours you have chosen for the cosy, I'm sure now it will speed by.

  9. Poor cosy! Hope you find that elusive hour soon and get it all finished. I'm sure your tea pot would love a cosy, especially in the winter months to come :- ) Have a
    wonderful weekend! X

  10. I love the cosy! The colours are great :) Our teapot is in constant use too. I'd love to know more about the Mitfords, I might have to lay my hands on that book! x

  11. Ooh that book sounds interesting. What a faff to wrestle with the tea cosy! At least it's pretty to look at :)

  12. I think I must make a tea kettle cozy! Fast soon


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