Sunday, 27 July 2014

It's good to be the kitchen

My goodness! Did I really just type those words "It's good to be back... in the kitchen"?

I do enjoy cooking, when I have the time, but I'm hoping that many of you can empathize with me when I say most weeks I churn out the same old, dinners - those tried, tested and quick ones that are particularly good when you need to feed members of the family at different times of the evening, dictated by the timing of activities. 

So, we have been away for 10 days, a great holiday, and arrived back around midnight last night. I had already decided, and promised the family yesterday, that I would make pancakes for lunch - they are always highly appreciated. So here is the batter, all ready to go....

 I'm using a bowl which was once my mum's, I think from about the 1950's. 
I used a similar smaller one for my baking (see later in the post) and I think there was originally an even smaller one but sadly that was smashed.

Umm, I always struggle to get thin but perfectly circular pancakes....

Most often in our house we have syrup with our pancakes
 (no apology for the advertising of Lyle's golden syrup)

With the pancakes soon devoured then it's time to bake some currant buns. 
These are a regular bake in our house partly because I can knock a batch together in about 15  minutes, and we often eat them as dessert.

My kitchen scales were my mum's too  and I think they were her mum's before that so they are quite old and I LOVE them, even the chips on the weighing pan. Yes, they are a bit dusted with flour but this is how they always are so I thought I would show you my lovely scales, warts and all!

Gosh, that mixture - colour and texture - looks good!

Hang on! Skateboard? 
My daughter was in the kitchen while I was taking these photos and she asked me to take a photo of her new skateboard - she has only had it for 3 weeks, a very belated Christmas present. 

She had no idea what she wanted for Christmas so besides a few small gifts to open we gave her an I.O.U which she exchanged recently for a new skateboard. She has really missed it while we were away and was slightly envious of all those young people we saw on trains with skateboards strapped to their backpacks! Needless to say she has been back out on it today.

So back to the cooking. 

More lovely colours and textures...


 oo, notice a sneaky finger heading for my mixture!!

Here is the smaller bowl that was once my mum's.
Time to add the currants....

And, within two shakes of a lamb's tail, the buns are ready for the oven

 While the buns bake in the oven, I enjoy yet another one of these...... ahhh, nothing quite like a good cup of tea after having been away from home for 10 days

 And then here are the finished results.
Of course, daughter has already pinched one, 
she likes them straight from the oven while they are still warm.

  Oh yes, there are definitely some very good reasons for being home again.

 Wishing you a good start to the week


  1. Straight from the oven is the very best way to eat them. I love your bowl, such a beautiful colour, and the ladle is lovely too. I know exactly what you mean about churning out family meals, with time constraints, and there are different tastes and dietary requirements in this house too. It does become a chore sometimes. The pancakes and buns look delicious. I'm glad you had a good time away. Have a lovely week. CJ xx

  2. Yummy looking treats there! Glad you had a great a holiday, I agree that nothing tastes as good as that first cuppa when you return home.
    Marianne x

  3. I love your scales warts and all, and your Pyrex bowls too. My mother has a set of Pyrex bowls too similar to yours in bright colours. I'd love to have them but they're all in the Philippines. Anyway your pancakes and buns look delicious. And glad to hear you had a great time away with your family. x

  4. You are spoiling that family of yours with all that yummy food. I love your daughter's skateboard, I think she might need a backpack that she can strap that baby onto for her next present.

  5. Yummy! And...I have a bowl exactly like the one in your top photo. It used to be my mom's too. :-)

  6. YUMMY!! I think I might be drooling right about now. The pancakes look very similar to the ones we make here in Iceland...very thin and sometimes we sprinkle sugar on them and roll them up. Not the healthiest of snacks but the kids love them. My daughter just recently got a skateboard as well and she LOVES it. She is already very good on it and skates all over the neighborhood.

    Glad you had a good vacation :)

  7. oooh! Lovely pancakes and cakes!!! Bless your girlie!! Cool Skateboard Dude!!

  8. I love pancakes and golden syrup is my downfall! Loving the skateboard too!


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