Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sock wool and travel kettles!

Last week in Ginny's yarn along I said I was about to start reading The Amateur Gentleman, but actually this never happened. I have come away on holiday with three fifths of my family (eldest son is away doing his own thing in Romania), and strangely for the first few days I couldn't settle to reading any book. In fact I struggled to settle to anything while sat on a train, flitting from reading a book on George Washington (which remains uncompleted), a puzzle book and my knitting. I think my brain just needed a complete rest.

Anyway I am now back reading and my current read is Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith which I am enjoying, a story so far set mainly in Russia in 1953. Before starting this I quickly read Of Mice and Men, always a good read.

As to my knitting, well I'm back to the old portable project of sock knitting. I am now just knitting the heel of the second sock so making some progress.

In typically British fashion, I do enjoy a cup of tea, so even though I have had to pack lightly for this holiday I still managed to find room in my suitcase for my travel kettle which I have now had many years. Of course the kettle doesn't really take up much room because I stuff things in it when travelling, and this time I found my kettle was the perfect receptacle for ....... spare sock wool!

So, what are you reading and yarning this week?


  1. I'm reading a series of allotment articles called Plot 34 and still working away slowly on a scarf. When it's freezing cold in winter, and I'm stood outside watching football and wearing the scarf I'll think back to the beautiful heat of summer. I love the good use of kettle space to store sock yarn, we think alike! CJ xx

  2. The blue sock yarn is very pretty. :)

  3. I am never quite settled unless my family is all together. You made me chuckle stuffing your kettle with yarn.

  4. It took me an age to settle when my daughters left home for university, you get used to it in the end I suppose you have to. I really did smile stuffing the kettle with yarn. I always take teabags with me if we are travelling.

  5. I love the sock yarn you're using; such gorgeous colours :)


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