Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ready for winter!


Well, my blog has been rather neglected lately and "yarn along" posts only, were becoming rather repetitive, both for me to write and I'm sure for you to read. So I am a little anxious about posting on a similar theme but I have a reason for another yarn-related post.

I have finished my Norwegian Fairisle Snowflake Hat!
And here it is, modelled by my daughter.  

I used Rico Essentials Merino DK which is a lovely soft wool.
(oops - sorry this photo is a bit out of focus)

 And here is a view of the top. 

And I am actually quite pleased with this, despite the slight rucks in places where I have pulled the wool a little too tight at the back.
For those who are interested, the pattern is on Ravelry as a free download and can be found here.
This hat fits nice and snuggly on my head. All the other woollen shop-bought hats I own are a bit on the large side and so ride up with wear and end up sitting proud on my head - I don't like that look at all, and neither do the younger members of the family. So no more "sitting high" hats for me!
And now I'm ready for those cold winter days spent watching football matches or cross country races.
It feels so good to finish a project at last - it might be some time before I finish the next one!
Best wishes


  1. The hat is beautiful, so intricate. I love it.

  2. Not sure what happened to my first comment but we'll done you! The pattern is great and even better so since the fit us good :) Have a great weekend.

    1. Ok auto correct is more of a pain than it is helping at this point, sorry about all of the misspells ;)

    2. Umm, sometimes my comments on other people's blogs don't appear - I wonder what the problem is?

  3. It's very pretty and I love the colours. Hopefully we're a few months away from woolly hat weather here - the summer is just beginning!

    1. Yes Jay, I'm hoping I have no occasion to wear it yet for a few more months!

  4. You've knitted a wonderful hat with lovely colours and a very pretty pattern. It will be so lovely and cozy to wear in winter. Well done! x

    1. Thank you Marion, I am very pleased with it

  5. What a great hat! The pattern is so pretty, your work is so neat and the yarn you chose is lovely :) xx

    1. Sadly, close up my work isn't as neat as I would like - the yarn is very soft and scrummy!


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