Friday, 11 July 2014

This little boy...

How did that happen?

That this little boy
...... left school yesterday!

This little boy who loved castles, knights, cowboys....

This little boy who loved dressing up and playing with sticks....

This little boy who loved playmobil and lego....

This little boy who would stop anything he was doing, even playing with playmobil, if I asked him "shall we have a story?"

This little boy who I used to take to the park to play on the swings...

This little boy who I kept back from primary school for one term because I thought he wasn't quite old enough to start...

This little boy who loved playing football.... (and still does!)

This little boy who had worked out which seat to sit in at last school assembly yesterday so that when the Upper 6th were clapped out, he was the last to leave!

This little boy who has grown up into a young man and whose company I shared and thoroughly enjoyed for a week in New York two weeks ago...

This little boy who grew up and left school yesterday - wishing you all the luck in the world!


  1. What a lovely post, and lots of luck for the future to your Little Boy!

  2. You must be so proud of your Little Boy. Congratulations and all the best to him, and well done Mummy! x

    1. Thank you Marion, not sure that I had much influence!!

  3. Oh this is the sweetest post. Congrats to both of you, to your little boy for growing up to become a wonderful young man, and for the Mother who raised him to be that way.

    1. Thank you Meredith, not sure where that post came from, I didn't sit down intending to write one like that!

  4. What a moment. Wishing him all the very best luck for the future, he must be an amazing boy. He is at that age where the world is his oyster, I do hope he has many happy adventures. CJ xx

    1. Thank you CJ, it's exciting wondering what adventures your children will get up to, and the opportunities are so great now too.

  5. Oh that one made me shed a tear because i too have a little boy who is growing up fast (12) and this sounds so least I still find him with lego every now and again!!
    bestest D xx


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