Monday, 17 March 2014



This is a project that I completed this weekend - although I think that statement is stretching the truth ever so slightly. I should qualify my claim and say that I actually I finished knitting it months ago, put it in a cloth bag, stuffed it in a basket under some other craft items and left it in the corner of our lounge. I forgot all about it until this weekend when I was having a tidy up. I couldn't believe that all I needed to do to properly complete this scarf was to sew in 4 ends of wool. How silly is that!

So here it is  - FINISHED!

Knitted in kidsilk haze shade 606 'Candy girl'.

I have shown the above photos extra large as it makes it easier to see the lacy pattern.

I took the pattern from a book I borrowed from the library - I'm sorry, I can't remember the title of the book.

I love knitting with this wool - it just takes a few rows of knitting to readjust to the weightlessness of the wool.

Here is another scarf  I knitted last year also in kidsilk haze but this time in stripe using shade 'Cool' 202. I knitted this scarf in plain stocking stitch but am ashamed to admit that even on such a simple pattern I lost concentration occasionally and there are a couple of mistakes in it, but there is no way I can unpick this yarn so the mistakes stay, and as usual it is probably only me that can see them (please don't look too closely!)

And here they are together - TWO kidsilk haze scarfs.!!

Full of springy softness and lightness. 

Do you have unfinished projects languishing in corners?

My thoughts are now drawn to a throw I completed knitting some months ago which, like the scarf, just needs the ends sewing in - although there are rather more than the 4 found in the kidsilk haze scarf!

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