Sunday, 30 March 2014

yellows and greens?


Yesterday was the first Saturday in months when the young people in our family had neither a cross country race or a football match which was brilliant timing as several months ago, long before I knew the sporting timetable, a friend and I booked a day's workshop at our local yarn store to make a patchwork cushion.

We were both really looking forward to our patchwork day but oh my goodness, how stressful it was! The first stressor was to decide on material - not an easy task when there are 10 women in a well-stocked shop nudging and squeezing round each other while carrying rolls of potential candidates and trying to find coordinating patterns and colours. After some rather hurried deliberations, as the longer we took to decide the less time we had to sew, I decided to go for spring colours of yellow and green to match the bunting I made a year or two ago. Work in progress can be seen below.

We had 6 hours of patchworking and the time flew by - we hardly dare stop for lunch. We all worked so intensely and enthusiastically. A later photo of work in progress can be seen in the photo below, along with my friend's cushion cover  - she chose browns, creams with a hint of turquoise blue and it looked fantastic

We finally finished at 4pm. We left the shop, our completed cushion covers folded in our bags and walked out into lovely warm sunshine feeling slightly foggy in our heads - we had spent 6 hours focused solely on our sewing. It was such an extravagance for me to spend a whole day crafting but I did enjoy it and would love to do more - the challenge of a patchwork quilt beckons. 

BUT .... do I like my finished cushion? I'm really not sure. I'm not sure whether the colors go together/work/coordinate or not? What do you think? 

And just to finish this post - some photos of our elderly guinea pig on the patio today eating (*cough cough*) weeds, yes the patio needs weeding.

Here he is hiding under the table tennis table. 

And some beautiful roses from the children for Mother's Day.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. 


  1. I like your patchwork cushion very much. It looks very neat and the colours go very well together (I've just made cushion covers with greens and yellows too). It must have been wonderful to have a day just for sewing--that would be crafting heaven for me! Love your guinea pig-he's cute! And belated happy Mothers' Day!
    Marion x

    1. Thank you - yes a day crafting was pure indulgence. Would love to see a photo of your cushion. Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day too!
      Caz xx

  2. Oh yes these colors work very nicely together. I may not be your best critic because my all time favorite color is green and yellow is a close second but the colors work together and I love the retro fabric. Very nice!

    You did a great job.
    Birgitta xx

  3. Well done looks great! I went on a quilting course last spring, which I found stressful too - I'm really not very good at choosing fabric combos! I need to make more time for doing some quilting - I find it so much more time-consuming & layout intensive than crochet, cross stitch or tapestry.


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